Great win for the cats to get to 4-4 BUT don't everyone get excited. I'm not trying to be a party poooooooooper and of coarse I want to see the cats win BUT BUT 4 WINS, 3 vs Winnipeg (1-7) and 1 vs Edmonton (1-6) and the one against edmonton was by a point. So lets what this team really has in the next few weeks BC home and home and at Calgary.. 2 tough road games so the home game is a must. If we lose all three then this team is the best of the worst 3 in the league. I'd love to see them at least get 2 wins but it going to be tough.. I guess until then lets enjoy the W's, I mean these 4 wins are the games you have to win but they've yet to beat a contender..

your going to see this team take at least one from the Lions. They are not that good. They are having some struggles as well.

I like 'em... and I can not lie.

Once again, there was a lot to like about this game. The team is building momentum. Let's get excited!!!

I agree, though, the enthusiasm does need to be tempered. There are tougher opponents ahead. The testing of this team will be harder.

Kent Austin has said repeatedly through this season that he wants his players to get better every week. I'm sure he looks at the schedule as much, or more, than the rest of us do.

I have every confidence that the coaching staff will have them ready.

We do still have much to prove against the best teams, BUT with the improvement being shown week to week, why not get excited? I'll wait for the team to take a loss to come back down to earth, why not just enjoy the recent success regardless of who we played? We climbed out of a 1-4 hole to get back to .500 and are finally getting healthier at a point where the competition is about to get a lot tougher. That is all good news!! This is where the rubber meets the road for this team and if all of the off season changes and hard work we've seen so far DOES pay off, we are in a race for 1st for the East with our most hated rival. Yes I am also cautiously optimistic all things considered, BUT there is no harm in getting excited about what we've seen so far and believing that this is finally the year where we will become a legitimate contender for the foreseeable future. Hope has been a rare and precious commodity the past 10 years, I'll take all I can get, Let's make it 5 in row boys, GO CATS GO!!!!!!!!!

~An eternal optimist :wink:

Your public admission and honesty have not gone unnoticed, Billy. :wink:

Although I thought this thread was about the Queen song I heard on the radio this morning, I have to say that I anticipating being excited by this team after they play BC twice. If they show up like the team that met the Green guys twice, then I won't be happy. If they are healthy and play like they did against the blew team (almost winning) I think they have a chance to sweep BC. Wouldn't that be grand?


Edmonton is 1-7 but having watched yesterdays game between the Green Riders and the Esks
I have come to the conclusion that Edmonton is not that far from the "Best team in the League"
as TSN likes to call Sask. I would also like to point out that the B.C. lions played a home game
against Wpg which came down to a close game decided by a late score.
The Lions have played a couple of real stinkers in the past month. ( ie Toronto & Montreal )

I don't think we know how good the Ticats are and I don't think we know who the best team in the league is .
Things change every week. There is a lot more parody in the league than people think.

I am hoping for a split against B.C. but I won't be surprised if we win both .

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We are getting better every week but i want to see us play some good teams,so we know exactly where we stand in this league…offence was great in the first half but then stalled big time in the 2nd…cant do this against good teams or we will lose these types of games…defence is really coming together…davis is the same beast he was last year…GREAT player…henry having another great year …must be the water in hamilton!!

Catsin14, your right it’s a long way to go, good to get back on track after so many injuries and losing games, nice to be at 500 and a 4-4 record. I think with the team getting healthier and players having the opportunity to play together hamilton will continue to get better and win more games. The Big test will be BC in back to back and the second half of the season when we face Calgary, Toronto and so on and other teams like Edmonton and Montreal are getting better so it should be interesting.

The Tiger-Cats healthy can beat any team in this league on any given day and I would love to see this team play Saskatchewan again now that the team is healthy but that won’t happen until next year because of the back to back schedule, I hope they don’t repeat the back to back next season??

Hey BIGCAT (btw I don't like your initials :wink: ), we've already finished playing Edmonton this year, unless they crossover to the East (or we meet in the Grey Cup). Also, we might (as an optimist would say) play the Green team if we make to to Grey Cup and they do as well.

Of course we are hesitant to say "this Ticat team is darn excellent" but yeah, we are in a position now to win the East with the Argos and RR maybe being on the down and out and the Als mediocre. I like our chances.

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Are you sure it's a typo? :slight_smile:

I get my tix for the bandwagon if they split with BC. They are a decent team that’s getting better but I don’t think they’re there yet. Three wins over the QB-less Bummers doesn’t prove much to me. The Bummers would be hard pressed to win an intra-squad game.

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Right on Caretaker, there just may be more parity in the league,
but there are a couple of parody-like teams out west (not just west division)