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What are you talking about? Where did I take offence to being refered to as a CFL purist (even though I am more somewhere in the middle)? I said referring to someone as a purist of the game (and clearly attempting to shed a negative light in doing so) on a subject that actually has zip zero zilch to do with the actual game makes one look foolish. If, after multiple times of saying that, you can not comprehend that, well, that is on you.

You suggested it here, in this thread, a couple days ago and said they could/should still do it. This isn't about what was or wasn't a few years suggested here and now in your opening post, so that trumps what you said a few years ago...not sure how you could see it being read otherwise:

I took nothing to heart or personal...this is a chat know, you come here to debate and discuss various viewpoints. I gave an articulate response on why it wouldn't work HERE AND NOW and was basically met with 'your views will kill this league':

Oh what an savy response to a discussion lol. how is ANYONE supposed to take you seriously when you respond like this. Me attacking? Not...that is something that you are doing, whether you want to admit it or not.

it has been explained that the NFL is doing nothing mopre than some appearances, and people have said that is a good seem to think that making some appearances and being the focal point of said show is the same thing. The NFL has not "Jumped in with both feet." Points have been made against your idea and your basic rebuttal is that people who do not agree with you are purist fools who would cause the demise of the game. There is no substance brought back into the discussion, just insulting people because they disagree with your idea and have stated why.

I for one am all for making appearances...the more the better. The CFL also had a leg of the Amazing Race at Taylor Field in Regina...I thought that was great. Now if they turned that into fans from each city filling the amazing race...I would find that to look like desperation and would think it made the league looked bad. As I said, if they did something like "making the cut" like the NHL did, that would be interesting because it is actually about the league and players...not desperately clinging to somebody else's show. I tabled what is the fastest growing entertainment medium, especially on the key demographic, as something that should probably be invested in before spending money on radical gave nothing back...basically, you have stated your idea and not brought anything to the table when it was discussed, but instead have simply tried to belittle people who don't think it is the smartest way to spend new-found money (basically a little cash the league has never had before and need to make very calculated investments on, not rolling the dice) to get to the youths here and now.