Big Blue vs Double Blue

Even apart from the playoff race I think this is a pretty important game. The Argos have won games they should have lost, we've lost games we should have won. Let's put things to rights, with an eye on next year if not this year. Go Bombers! :rockin:

.......I can't believe this team keeps making the same mistakes ...over and over and over again....The first thing Lapo has to do is take a course in coaching....He doesn't seem to be able to get through to his qbs. the idea of the hook slide and is still making bad decisions....The year is done now for sure....may as well pull out all the stops and try everything in the playbook....That first round draft pick overall is looking more and more like a distinct possibility in 2011....With Buck back and Jyles getting better ..we might be able to compete better ...hopefully... :roll: :lol:

You're so right papa...someone made a list of all the stupid things Kelly said and did last year and it was pretty funny if you could stomach it. Someone should make a list of LaPo's game-losing decisions this year. That FG attempt might not qualify as much as some of his last-minute calls, but it sure put this game out of reach. have to wonder about the officiating as well....Doug Brown is called for a 'horsecaller' while the argos put Brink out of the game with one and it isn't called... :roll: :roll: I hope the league addresses this incompetency ...but i won't hold my breath ... It's no excuse for losing...This team is young and needs a ton of work.....Maybe we'll be better next year :roll:

What a stench, glad this season is finally over. How do you blame the players for quitting when the coach can't make a correct call to save his life ? Or the GM refuses to sign any players with some experience, such as a semi competent QB to back up Jyles ? At least we should be able to upgrade our Canadian content in the draft for a change. Or can we ? Let's hope they can at least get that right after putting us fans through this after the Kelly Circus.

This team won't even make the play offs next year. I bet they won't even win a game. They stink. :then: How can you let 3 run backs for touchdowns off field goal attempts this season. The GM and coach should take football 101 coarse. They better work dam hard on the off season or there will be no fans in the stands.

I feel for you guys, I seriously do.This isn't something any fan wants to see from their team and the scary part is this could just be the beginning of the horrors.Hopefully, if you have a competent GM you'll be back on your feet in no time, otherwise.... yikes!
Good luck :thup:

Well, to be fair, we had so many injuries this year we'll never really know what this team could have done if it was intact. It had flashes of brilliance which may be signs of hope for next year. When you're down to your fourth-string QB in the biggest game of the season, it tells a story. I had to get it on radio instead of TV, and the radio crew rightly pointed out that the D did their job, it was the crippled offense that killed us.

Like you, I'm worried about LaPo; he cost us several games this year with his decisions, and I wouldn't even exclude that FG call at the end of the half from the list; if we went into halftime at 10-5, up against the Argo offence, who knows? I know we can't afford a coaching carousel and maybe LaPo just needs a year under his belt; we'll have to hope so.

Well,Ploen, consider yourself lucky you didn't see that game. Truly, one of the worst exhibitions of Pro= football I've ever seen. The CIS games were much better. They can spin doctor it as a defensive struggle if they want, but neither offense could have scored in a practice! The media around the GTA bent the Argo win so you think they just beat the defending champions. I wouldn't put any notches in my gun yet, Mr. Barker! I also wonder how many Chad Owens return TDs there'd be if they'd call some of the holding and illegal blocks. "Watch the making of a return Superstar, courtesy of the CFL refs"................Now ,by the time this rookie coach develops into a contender, if he ever does, he will be long gone to another team. I long for the old days when your coach was around for a while and he might also be Canadian. Piggy's right, this team quit.Only seen that a few times. At least MK was entertaining.

And they would be wrong so to do.

I love a good defensive struggle. . . I find that far more entertaining than an offensive shootout. . . just personal taste and I recognize I'm in the minority. However, THAT game was no defensive struggle at all. . . just two inept offenses. Toronto's was just marginally less inept, due to the fact that their starter, such as he is, played the whole game basically, whereas the Bombers were down to #4.

Well maybe I should stick to radio from now on, for my own sanity's sake... :frowning: IIRC several Argo-Bomber tilts over the last couple of seasons have been beyond dismal, whether we field LeFors, Bishop or Jyles against Joseph, Pickett or Lemon...must bring out the worst in each other, although with the Argos it's not hard to find.

...This year has been a 'bust' to put it mildly...very disappointing....I admire pigseyes frankness on the year...also MadJacks refreshing honesty on what he saw transpire (especially this last horrible offensive exhibition)...I also admire ploen truths tenacity in trying to see some good in the season ...and there was ( i try as well)....It ain't over yet officially and we'll probably see some player 'work-outs' but for all intense and purposes the Bombers are done in 2010...It is what it is a very disappointing ending to a year that held great promise...Sure we have rookies and a rookie do the argos...We were burned by some bad officiating but mostly hurt by untimely injuries at key positions and so the season ends..I know a couple of things that have to happen in 2011....The coach has to get better...The injury situation is something every club has to put up with but when it happens to your qbs......disaster....They have to learn to play smarter...Take a page out of a long-lived CFL qb. such as Calvillo...AND make sure that they have top level conditioning....It may not end all injury problems but it sure gives you a heads-up....If Buck can return (i still think he's the no. 1 qb.) and stay healthy (still a risk) we have to go with him...He has the fire that Jyles lacks and can take this team far....Although Jyles has shown he can compete in this league....he has a way to go in the leadership dept....All of our rookies have a year under their belt...They'll be better and i sure as hell hope our special teams coach has learned from this year...He has to be better as well...Kavis Reed has surprised me somewhat in that his handling of the defence has improved...This aspect of our game should be better in 2011...All in all.....a bad end BUT like the ol proverbial saying....'there's always next year' and a few key addtions player -wise could make all the difference in the world...So long 2010 it's been a slice :slight_smile:

Barker isn’t really a rookie coach is he? I thought this was his third go as HC.

They’ve both made some strange calls, but Barker’s tricks have been more entertaining than LaPo’s head-scratchers.

......yeah Barkers been around......i'm referring more to the players////...
....I wonder if the schemes and tricks T.O. employs has more to do with Mike O' Shea than Barker.... :roll: Anyway matters not....they make it work and it made us look like dull novices through-out the season :oops: