Big Bang Theory Shows CFL Game

Look what I found . Labour day Classic on Big Bang Theory

The show is tape in LA show It a ESPN Feed

I didn't look closely, but figured it was probably a CFL game. As has been discussed here before, American TV producers often use the CFL as a "stand-in" because it's easy/cheap for them to get the rights to re-broadcast compared to NFL games.

But the CFL sighting that still amuses me is the time "30 Rock" dropped a few superfluous Alouettes references to hang a lampshade on the stereotypical "Canadian-ness" of one of their characters. There have been in-story references on others shows (e.g. The Simpsons), but I like that 30 Rock one.

I remember a couple of years ago "Modern Family" did the same thing, I can't remember which episode. I think tv shows aren't allowed to show NFL games without paying money or some silly rule like that.

I just watched the show, and it's a Ti-Cat - Argos game from the dome.
It looks to be from a few years ago. The first play you see, appears to be an interception by the Tiger Cats but is disallowed do to a penalty. Towards the end of the scene, you can see the Argo's kick a field goal and the score appears to be Tiger Cats 3 - Argonauts 17 in the third quarter.
You can tell, as you can see the scoreboard along with the quarter scores.

You can see two players, one is number 57, the other number 52 but I can't make out the names on their shirts.

The scene runs from 12:59 - 14:48