Big B.C. Lion in town

Nautyn McKay-Loescher who is expected to sign today
will fit into our D-line at Defensiive End just fine.

A Canadian to go along with our import Defensive Ends
Anthony Collier, Steve Josue and Claude Sanders

who are all expected back in Cat training camp.

We have Canadian Defensive Tackles Clinton Wayne
and Roger Dunbrack and Nautyn to back up them up,

but I am waiting for some gorilla Import DTs
to compete at Training Camp for a spot.

Ken Peters...The Hamilton Spectator

Nautym is/was tops on the Argo's list of free agents.

I hope reports that he is signing with the Ticats are correct.

Let the Argos have another Toronto native, Adriano Belli.

The Alouettes have reportedly made Belli an offer
but he is fishing for offers from the Cats and Argos.

Sounds promising.

Nice article by Peters. I much prefer this style of writing.

Nautyn McKay-Loescher HT: 6.02 WT: 260

Birthdate: 1981-11-09 Born: Toronto, Ontario
College: Alabama

He was drafted13th overall in the 2nd round
in the 2004 Canadian College Draft by B.C.

He has been primarily a backup rotating into B.C.s D-line.

Hopefully he will soon be ready for prime-time.

Growing up he lived in the Regent Park area of Toronto,
and played his football at Central Tech High School.

In his college career with Alabama, he started 18 of 49 games

He is of Ojibway heritage and is nicknamed the ‘Chief’.

Sounds like Desjardins gave this guy some big bucks:

[url=] ... &nid=15165[/url]

"They absolutely blew me away with their offer."

Will there be any Ticat Free Agent $ left to sign Morgan, Samuels, Bush, Malborough or Abdullah?

Yes, we did need to outbid the blue team to get him, according to that article. But with all the salary that has been dumped by this team recently, I'm sure more free agent signings will be made by this team.

I'm excited about this whole process!

I was a little surprised by how much complaining was done when Desjardins starting clearing some cap space.

We needed changes. He promised changes. He's keeping his promises. This is to be expected.

What else do you do when you go 4-14 in such a dismal way?

I'm eager to get a chance to watch the new faces perform.

I am surprised if this is true.Young wants to get are cap to a dollar and charge us more for his ugly tickets and beer

Yikes!!! First Timmy Chang who I’ve been touting as a CFL QB for over a year now and now Nautyn McKay-Loescher who went to my old highschool? I hate to say it but I may have to start cheering for the Cats this year, at least when they aren’t playing TO.

An ARgo fan

Be careful Barney, otherwise you might end up like me about the Cats & Argos.

I told you mere months ago.. it wouldn't be long before you came over to the good side, let the transformation begin

:lol: :lol: :rockin:

For those of you oldtimers like me who happen to think this ^^^ is payback for Sazio going Double Blue, it's isn't. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

;) J/K Barney!

Oski Wee Wee,

I can't believe it. We outbid the Arghh..ooohs!

My head is still spinning.

The Cats must be confident
that Nautyn has 'potential'

and that he will grow into
the salary they gave him.

But I don't expect to see him
as one of our starting DE's.

could be a starting DT on a rotation with Wayne, Dunbrack and Pilon though.

Maybe so, Espo, but

according to Ken 'Jeepers Creepers"
Marcel said of Nautyn's expected signing,

"We like him.

He has some experience and versatility
and the main thing he is a non-import,"

adding that the club expects to use
the former Lion at the defensive end spot

hmm... missed that, thanks ron.

perhaps a return of the belli is in the works eh.

i don't really care who comes in,
i just wanna win!!! lol

Congrats ... Nautyn

Crimson Tide hit Steeltown

Indeed, we did outbid the blue team. I don't recall the last time that happened. But when you think about it, it may not be too much of a surprise. When looking at the rosters of both teams, I'm sure you'll suspect that the Ticats have more cap space to work with. And when your payroll is well under the cap, then there's money you have available to sign free agents. So I suspect this bit of outbidding may not have happened if there were no actual salary cap.

Ah yes, it looks like we may need to start some kind of 12 steps program here, and BF is already getting started on that, it seems. We can welcome some reformed ex-non-Ticat fans here. :slight_smile: