Big Ang.....

I was in my van just outside Peterborough last night trying to hear CHML through the long distance static and I heard Angelo Mosca talking about this team's problems.
He said at the start of the season, Charlie was basically given some pieces of a puzzle and told to put them all together.
He also said he expects changes in management after this season...but was not asked the obvious question "who?".
Interesting candid comments. I would like to hear more details sometime.

Don't get Ang started. He will lose his job,

like he did when Dave Braley owned the Ticats
and hired him as an Ambassador.

Braley put a muzzle on him real soon

and paid him for the rest of the year
just to keep his mouth shut.


mrCats62, I will give you 3 guesses
as to who WON'T be making FINAL
management decisions next year.

And I will also remind you of
what bob said when he hired him,

'the buck stops with Marcel.'
in terms of football decisions, mrCats62.

I assumed thats who Ang was talking about because he also mentioned that he likes Scott Mitchell. Dan Rambo awaits.
Big Ang and Zeke Moreno....maybe these two fella's and their candid comments will have some effect on the future. Good on both of them!