Big Advantage For 'Cats Against Lions

An almost forgotten advantage for the 'Cats in next week's playoff game is the fact that the Lions will be playing the game at 10:00 a.m. Vancouver time. It will make up for all those late night games we've had to endure over the years at B.C. Place. I guess the Lions fans will be eating their breakfast while watching the game, that is if they don't sleep in!!!

Excellent point.

But I'm sure Wally will get them here a day or two in advance to adjust.

I don't see 10:00 as an issue at all. No adavantage at all.

Not like it's 4 am or something.

The BIG advantage might be the QB situation. Will Printers or Pierce be ready to go next week?

I don't think either will be ready.It sounded like Printers had a broken bone in his hand and Pierce looks like he had a collarbone injury.I can't believe they would go with a raw rookie like Zack Champion,but who else can they go to on short notice?

Well you remember when Glenn went down and the Bombers went with Dinwiddie. He did not have much experience either but played ok if I remember correctly.

Not in the Grey Cup, he didn't.

Well I think he played OK. Not great, and certainly not good enough to win, but I think he played ok considering he was thrown in to a very difficult situation.

They would have won the Grey Cup had Dinwiddie not played poorly. Joseph was having an off game and wasn't moving the Green Riders terribly well. So the game was there for the taking, but for the 3 INTs that Dinwiddie threw into Johnson's hands (and there would have been a 4th but Johnson dropped it). Sorry, losing the game because you threw 3 INTs that cost your team a Grey Cup does not qualify, in my books, as "ok".

Itll be interesting to see if the Ticats move past the Lions in the TSN rankings this week. lol Could be the Stampeders move down too after being crushed by Saskatchewan. The Tabbies need to put a complete game together against the Lions like they did last week so they can approach Montreal with the attitude that they can beat those SOBs on even terms on their home field.

The big question: which QB do the Cats prepare for? They need to know for practice this week. I bet Wally will keep that quiet until game time.

Let's hire the Spies' guy to check out the Leos' practices for us. He's got nothin' to do this week!

Casey will most likely be the starter, how long his thumb will hold up will be a factor.

There was some question this weekend as to who would start for B.C. as Friday night starter Casey Printers suffered a thumb injury before backup Buck Pierce went out with a shoulder problem. That left third-stringer Zac Champion to finish under centre for the Lions.

But Printers was throwing at the club’s facility Sunday, leaving Lions officials optimistic he could start in Hamilton.[quote]

We just need to bring the pressure whoever plays for BC.

BC hasn't been playing well the last few weeks. We just need to stay focused and not look ahead.

I think the time change is huge. We always talk about us going out there and starting games at 10 pm so I think it's a huge difference to start at 10 am.

oh boy that changes a lot of things. Printers can be just as scary as Bishop but with less of a downside. We had better be ready and get some pressure on Mr. Printers or this could be more of a game than earlier expected. I'm still optimistic that we can win this one handily. I expect to see Cobb being a lot more successful next week against BC.

It does look like it will be Printers, with Lulay as his back up and Champion as the third stringer.
The latest report from out west outlines and if true, boy the story lines for this game will be amazing.
Having said that the Cats will be heavy favourites for sure.

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