Big 40 For Calvillo on Thursday

8) How ironic that on Thursday Aug. 23, Anthony Calvillo will celebrate his 40th birthday.
  Considering that he will face the TiCats that evening, I wonder if it will be a "Happy" Birthday for AC, or not ??

   I'm sure his Al's team mates will be pumped to make sure it is a Happy Day for him   <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: --> 

   Anyway, Happy 40th AC.  One of the all time best QB's to ever play in the CFL !!

40 points for the Alouettes on Thursday. Not hard gainst our defense.

Happy Birthday, AC

Ham has been very kind and giving to other players and teams this season they are very giving CFLers, why should they change. Just wondering what AC's gift will be Maybe, some poor tackling, some more of those great fumbles, or some interceptions, or hell maybe all of them, or something brand new. :oops:

Suggested D game plan -- sack 'm and sing Happy Birthday. Or, if that's too much to expect, have the entire 12-man choir perform their rendition as the birthday boy sets to call his signals.

Can we get a boat in the end zone? (remember that in the 'Peg?)

How about a small bathtub ?

Wouldn't be surprised if that's what his teammates have pledged to get him as his present.

AC in Hamilton playing for the Cats. Sweet, oops that was said and done as they say. :expressionless:

I hope he falls flat on his face and can't finish the game causing him to have a really miserable and unpleasant birthday.
I don't like him.

Good lord. :lol:

Wiliams will just have to score 6TD's tonight.

simple solution.

When you mention Williams, are you actually referring to this guy?


Scarily, not that outlandish a goal for Williams, given his talent and how difficult it was for us to contain him last time.

no K/P, I was referring to this guy.. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry about that Tangledweb, I got the two mixed up :thup:

Hopefully he has the same kind of b-day as Durrant did on Sunday :lol:

8) Now Now "Banshee", that's not very nice, considering AC is an ex TiCat !! :lol:

Montreal is going for payback against C Williams tonight. His hot dog attitude last game against them is sure to bring out one of their best performances. I see Williams fumbling twice and letting three kicks sail over his head.

I see that in a parallel universe where Chris Williams is actually the least talented player on his team. :wink: