Bie Weeks

Has any one else noticed that all teams except the Tiger Cats has had a least one bie week and some have had two ? Tiger Cats have not even had their first one yet and the second is the last week of the season

Not that it would make a difference in how the season has gone but one would think that the bie weeks would be better spaced out for each team .

All the stadiums booked their schedules around a previous schedule with Ottawa in it.

After Ottawa folded, It was too late to bake everybody's favourite cake TigerLady

It's Bye week, by the way in case you refer to it in the future. Not criticizing, just trying to be helpfull.


I understand the demise of Ottawas team caused problems after the schedule had already been set . I was just making a comment about the way that the way the BYE weeks were set up . The Tiger Cats seem to be the only team got a bad deal though .

I stand corrected about my spelling Section 31 .