bid for stadium takes step in right direction

The feds have given the green light to place a bid for the 2015 pan-am. It's been said the golden horseshoe has the edge on other cities in the bid. 2015 is a long way away, but it definetely is a start.

Awfull news ..

A Stadium with a Track Yuck..
No Thank you ..
We will lose the look the Feel and the Great Views of IWS
For more of a Commonwealth Stadium look

That is no upgrade..

Hopefully something can be done to fit the seatoing close to the CFL field in regards to covering/removing/ doing-whatever-to-the track.

Lets go Hamilton! Full speed ahead on this one!

There are so many benefits to be derived to getting these games in Hamilton, it boggles the mind of the average citizen who is so used to failure.

Tom: the track doesn't have to be a problem. It can easily be compensated for by "slide seating" or simply removing them in favour of more seats when the games are finished.

The track at IWS (Civic Stadium) was removed
years ago. If necessary, this could be done again. stadium with a track and keepin the ticats, or IWS falling apart within 15 years and no ticats...tuff one.

Drummer It dose any to be that way .
IWS can be Upgraded at half the cost of a new Stadium.

Hmmmm.... our taxes (hundreds of millions of dollars worth) will be paying for event ready facilities (for 2 weeks of Pan Am track and field which most people don't really care about) that will leave us with a metal stadium with a track. (BMO field in Toronto with 20,000 capacity at 62 million dollars at the time is already in need of repairs.) So, let's say we build a 30,000 capacity facility for the year 2015 to run some track and field for 2 weeks....which will be a stadium we get more than likely on the same "cheap" as a BMO Field facility.... that leaves the Ontario taxpayer with huge dept all the while the rich get richer. ..... And we lose the best stadium for watching football in N.A. Gotta luv politicians. Maybe we can give the "new facility" to the Teacher's union or Rogers Communication at 4% of the cost you and I paid to build it, just like Skydome. (Oops. the "The Rogers Centre). Well we better sell it before our government loses us another billion more.

Well atleast this time the taxpayers money is going somewhere other than Toronto.

Another thing, couldn't turf just be put over the track to be used as the sideline/media area?

My two cents, if they want to build a new stadium with a track they should think about building retracable seats. The seats can be pulled out for football or other sporting events. Its time for a new stadium in Hamilton. If we need the pan am games to do it lets all support it.

i would prefer to rebuild IWS.

Building a new stadium will loose the fell of IWS. The stadium would also be on the waterfront or on the mountain somewhere. IWS is in the perfect location. Okay, there are no restaurants and places to park but that's the fun of going to IWS. You get to walk 10 minutes to your and here everyone either super happy or super PO'd. I love this! I don't want it changed..............BUT.....

A new stadium would have better concessions, better dressing rooms, better seats, better washrooms, etc. etc.

Bottom line, I love IWS but if a new stadium were to be built, I woulnd't be opposed to it. Have you seen BMO? It's a great little stadium with a heck of a view! I would love a stadium with about 25M seats and make it a hot ticket like the Als and TFC!

I like this part too from the article. "An early supporter of the bid push, businessman Ron Foxcroft, said the decision "renewed my faith in the federal government caring about team sport and in Hamilton." Funny how Brailey and Foxcroft are the figues quoted in the article. No mention of the Social Services cutbacks in Ontario due to lack of money, or Education, Hospital cutbacks etc. There's a lot of successful business people who would not condone this type of waste. Of course we have private schools and clinics now. Gotta luv politicians and their cronies. They sell us a few lines and we buy them hook line and sinker.
Of course, the other bidders Peru, Colombia and Venezuela would probably get tanked even more than we would... so if we get it, at least they didn't and good for them.


However, unlike Foxcroft, I've got very little faith in Gov't spending priorities. I can count on them wasting money, so then why not spend it here on sporting facilitites in Hamilton.

If I were to be convinced that any money spent on these Pan Ams would be spent somewhere else more wisley, then I'd be against it. Somehow I don't see it.

I love the atmosphere of Ivor Wynne. I have the feeling that a new stadium would be hot for a couple of years and then derided as a soulless piece of crap soon after. Spend some cash rebuilding Ivor Wynne.
A new stadium would have better concessions, better dressing rooms, better seats, better washrooms, etc. etc
8) Higher prices, etc. etc. !!! :wink:

That's like sinking money into a beaten up old car just because it has sentimental value...only to watch it break down again and again its nonsense..

First of all IWS is in a terrible place in the city where the stadium can be used as nothing more than a football stadium due to noise laws. (STUPID) that takes away TONS of revenue from other venue's that aren't allowed there cause its in a dense residential area.

The stadium is almost a century old..I understand the historical relevance and everything but a new stadium has to come sooner or later.. sinking money into it is more of a waste for tax payers than a new stadium, due to considerable upkeep to keep that relic in service. A new stadium doesn't have to be like BMO...Toronto took a cheap bid and thus they got what they paid for. it doesn't have to be that's called "don't make the same mistake twice"

It lacks the amenities that every other stadium has now a backs on the seats...for starters..I love the history just like everyone else..but I am a realist and I am not living in the past a new stadium will help more than just the will help the City of wake up and look to the future instead of having your head stuck in the past.

I know people hate tracks for football and soccer and so do I for the obvious reasons mentioned. That being said, what’s wrong with keeping the track and making Hamilton a destination for our top athletes to train and get world track meets here etc.? Track is an excellent sport BTW.

I know, I’m out to left field on this but in some respects, I think track is getting the short end of the stick to just have it ripped out because of football/soccer fans don’t like it when there could be lots of upsides to keeping it from an athletics, fitness, world class training facility aspect. And still play football/soccer of course. The two Eskies games I watched in Commonwealth in Edmonton were absolutely fine with this guy.

Also, what about converting it to a speed skating surface for the winter? Ever thought about that?

For all its charm, IWS can't go on forever. Think of other buildings and facilities of that vintage. Of the few that remain, they are all showin their age. However, even if Canada won the bid for the PanAm Games, there is no guarantee a new stadium would be built in Hamilton. I can see several municipalities from Niagara Falls to Oshawa/Whitby and out to K-W in the hunt for a new stadium and from what I've seen, Hamilton politicians are not very aggressive or progressive.

An Argo-Cat fan

I think paying for a new stadium once every 8O YRS!..isn't so it?
Yes,Ivor Wynne has great sight lines..
but really, other than that...what does it have?
no sides lines...smells!..bird crap all over..the most uncomfortable seats...oh ya..and its falling apart!
again..a new stadium once every 80 YRS!..isn't so bad

I am very excited to see how this turns out. A new stadium would be great!

I agree with others that the track may stink for football, but surely there are creative ways around it. And, I agree with Earl about taking advantage of having a track. Making Hamilton THE Canadian centre for athletics. I think that's great.

As for those who diss the PanAms, while they may not be the Olympics or Commonwealths they will attract LOTS of visitors and exposure. The naysayers were the same ones who said the World Cycling would flop!

I am a taxpaying citizen of this town, province, and country just like the other guy. And, I am saying to the governments "GO SPEND!" It's mind boggling how we've become so bloody cheap these days. Too much whining about tax dollars going for this and that. Good God, get over it! For everyone who complains there's someone who disagrees with you. That is the nature of the beast :slight_smile: