Bi polar or what ehh

man oh man

After a win, everyone is like WE GOING TO WIN THE SUBERBOWL. Every one on the team is great, etc etc.

After a lose, we reek, not going to anymore games, fire everybody, etc etc


I saw a good football game with some mistakes that can, and I expect will, be fixed.

I think a couple of better smarter receivers would go along way. Otherwise, I think continueing experience will show improvement. I am encouraged. I look forward to the rest of the season, and I look forward to next yr. I see the cats as already having a core that can be cup winners as soon as 2010.

I see myself as being realistic, or at least attempting to be.

I agree … it was a good football game with some mistakes and some plain bad luck.

My DH is a bipolar Ticat fan as well … he either loves them when they are winning or thinks they are losers when they aren’t.

One thing’s for sure … in the Hammer fans are PASSIONATE about the team!!

We have enough talent in place right now. It's too bad that in the 4th quarter, Marcel decided to stop running Caulley and decided to suddently make Richie a drop back passer in the pocket. Marcel cost us the game plain and simple.

No... not me. I'm genuinely the depressive type. For me the glass isn't half full NOR is it half empty. It's cracked and it's probably going to shatter and I'll either cut myself or swallow a shard of glass. The 'Cats are tailor made for a guy like me.

I was going to say this last week.

Enough talent? Man I'm glad you're not running the team. This team, as it currently stands, has nowhere near the talent required to compete with the top 4-5 teams in the league. That is not to say that they haven't added some talent this year. As for pinning everything on the o-cordinator...guess you didn't notice all the turnovers, a d-line that couldn't stop Roberts or pressure the QB, not to mention the fact that if the Bombers hadn't dropped 4-5 easy throws the score could have and should have been a lot more one sided.

What he said!

I don't know if they have enough talent but I think they have a lot more talent than peole here think they have. I think our OC have not tapped into the talent as well as they should. Defensively we are not playing aggressive enough and are letting teams play their game. I think we are a lot better than our record shows.