BGR Poll Will you be back next year ?

I Decided to Post Poll on My Site to see how Many Season Ticket Holders will be Back .
Here are Poll Options

(1)Yes for Sure Same Seat
(2) Yes But Cheeper Seats
(3) Yes But Higher Priced Seats
(4) Will Buy a Flex Pack
(5) Will go Game by Game
(6) No I Spent Enough Money
(7) Not Sure

Poll will go 31 Days Will post my Findings . on Nov 1st 2008

I'd come back anyway, but 25% off is an added incentive.

How scientific of you....

Aren't google blogs free to use?

What does 'We are Non Profit any Money Raised By Sales.
Go back into The Site'

Just curious what costs would be involved in posting to a blog?

and yes, same seat.

Interesting point. So say the site raised $50. What,on the site, would the $50 go into?

What I do This For Every Dollar We Make I Spilt it
.50 Cent go to Mac Kids
.50 Gose back into the site .

Last year I sent 25.00 Dollars to Mac Kids and 25.00 Went into Keeping the Domain Active.

It says on your site 2% of money Raised be will given to Mac Kids. that would be 50 cents on 25.00 but regardless...what costs do you incur when operating a google blog?

How much does it cost you to keep the domain active and what is it they charge for? The name? the space?

all a domain costs is $10 a year. so if you put $25 towards your site where did the othe 15 go?

Guy this not Proper place to talk about this
For any more Question send me a PM..
The money is Put away for Future Expansion
This year we have made 0...
It also Cost me 12 + GST for My Domain a Year
so two years cost me Close to 30.00 Dollars.
Since I only have 25.00 I am 5 in Hole.

Really, really, really, debating... discount and all. If I drop the season seats I will still go... but not as often. Life is busy, the drive is fairly long, my son is getting married and I can't seem to find other people interested to go with me considering the team's performance(and I don't want to go alone... though I have).

We'll see. We'll see.

Oh yes... for those of you angry at me, I promise to let the door hit me on the way out.
I'm not a true fan.
I'm just a bandwagon jumper and fairweather friend.
Remember what I said in an earlier thread.... I'm an idiot.

Oh yeah- "Oski Wee Wee!" Seriously.