BGR Photos. Roughriders VS Ticats July 12 08

Here are photos from BGR
I took alot so I broke Them two Parts
Some Photos are Still Uploading From Part 1.

Samples Below:

Part 1 (Ready to View 226 Photos)

Part 2 (Ready to View 62 Photos)

total 288 Photos for your Enjoyment


okay all photos are uploaded just got done.

Wow...when you said you took alot of photos you weren't kidding.

Always great to see some game pics, thanks for sharing.
By the way...I totally missed the crowd surfing...very cool!

Ya the Box J Boys where Picking Women Then the Ladies All Went for a Crowd Surfing Ride

I Like Photos of Woodcock Miles are Marwin.
All my Game day photos where Taken with a Manual Setting
1/2500 of Sec appature of 4.0

I Find Auto Setting to slow for Action Shots.