BGR Mock Draft Ver. 1

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I have posted our 1st Mock draft
I am only showing who I Think Ticats May Take .

Enjoy Comments welcome.

May I suggest a complete 1st round mock draft instead of just who the Ticats will pick.

This is very interesting information. I would love to see this "Mock Draft" produce one correct pick.

he hit the first one right on the nose, and i wouldn’t be surprised if he hit one or two more. Orban will make a CFL team i think, whether he is drafted or signs via free agency, i would like to see him here.

This is my 1st Version of my Mock Draft
Once the Testing is done this weekend .
I will go over that Data and Make Changes.
I will make two more versions


I would be stunned if either of the two Canadian quarterbacks, Josh Sacobie or Teale Orban, got drafted by any CFL team. I hope your right, and I'm wrong, though. Here are my guesses for the first two rounds:

Round 1

1 HAM - Dylan Barker - S - Saskatchewan
2 EDM - Keith Shologan - DL - Central Florida
3 CGY - Andrew Woodruff - OL - Boise State
4 MTL - Samuel Giguere - WR - Sherbrooke
5 SSK via TOR - Rolly Lumbala - FB - Idaho
6 BCL -Shea Emry - LB - UBC
7 WPG - Derek Schiavone - P - Western Ontario
8 MTL via SSK - Jesse Newman - OL - Louisiana-Lafayette

Round 2

1 HAM - Dimitri Tsoumpas - OL - Weber State
2 SSK vis EDM via TOR via EDM - Jerome Messam -RB- Graceland
3 CGY - Justin Sorensen - OL - South Carolina
4 MTL - Aaron Hargreaves - SB - SFU
5 TOR - Jason Arakgi - LB - McMaster
6 BCL - Brendon Labatte - OL - Regina
7 WPG - Terry Firr - WR - Manitoba
8 EDM via SSK - Tim St. Pierre - LB - St. Mary's

My Thought was a 5th Round pick
He may not a real Gamble.
Plus it would allow us to trade Chang.

Once again, I hope your right and I'm wrong, but my gut feel is that Orban and Sacobie will go undrafted, and Orban will be signed as a free agent by the Riders, partially as a publicity move (Tillman has said some positive things about him), and given an unfair, half ass try out, like Tommy Denison got with the Blue Bombers a couple of years back.

I don't think Sacobie will get any try outs at all, even though his skills are equal or superior to Orban.

In a perfect world I would like see Orban, Sacobie and Mac's Adam Archibauld all get fair CFL tryouts. I'm not optimistic this will happen.

Hey, that's pretty good guess there MacCat. I was thinking Calgary would take Jesse Newman 3rd overall instead of Woodruff because he's a Senior and Woodruff's a Junior.
Also if this RB Messam shows well at the combine, he will probably go in the 1st round as well.

According to Ron Lancaster the last team that would want to deal with the headache of having a Canadian q.b on the roster would be Saskatchewan. Especially considering the fact they don't have a q.b which would make the media attention even that more intense.

I hope these guys do get signed, and I also hope that fans and the media leaves them alone and treat them no different than any other practice roster third string q.b out there and let them develop.

I love to see that
I fear it Won't Happen.
The CFL is Starving for a Canadian QB
They Want Him to Become the Next Russ Jackson.

Bad idea to draft a Canadian QB. Why waste a pick when more than likely you would be able to sign his as an undrafted free agent? Waste a pick to sit on your bench for years. Casey is 26 and Richie is 24. The kid you draft is probably 22 or 23 right? Completely disagree with drafting a Canadian QB.

I believe you are correct there; but - I don't think Orban will get signed by the Riders - as per the Lancaser comments - CFL decision makers want no part of Canadian QBs - mostly because of their bias, myopia and lack of respect for them, but also because of the pressure to play the Canadian guy that Ronnie was talking about. Jon Makie - Vanier winning QB for the Bisons this past season - is a pretty impressive CIS QB too IMO and on this draft list as well - looked better than Sacobie or Orban in the play-offs this past season from what I saw. Archibald was undrafted last year, but could be signed as a free agent for a TC look - but he won't be. If there ever was a time recently for at least one single CFL team to take an honest look at a Canadian QB, it would be for this upcoming TC season with the above mentioned guys available. I have zero optimism it will happen.

DoubleBlue, according to the article below:

it looks like Woodruff is coming out this year as he's made himself available to this years NFL draft.

Bench press results from todays CFL combine are here:

[url=] ... 9&writer=0[/url]

and jump results are here:

[url=] ... 1&writer=0[/url]

Just so you guys know... Keith Shologan will not be drafted into the CFL because he doesn't want to be. He didn't attend the evaluation camp either.

He doesn't want to play in the CFL..

I'm sure all the Canadian kids if they had a chance, would like to play in, and make the big NFL money if they could, but the question is whether he will make the NFL. I think he will get a NFL try-out, and hope he makes it, but he looks a little undersized for the NFL.
The question is then, whether he retires from football or plays in the CFL. He's indicated in the past that he would play in the CFL. Read the article below:

[url=] ... 4&writer=0[/url]

Im not sold on the notion that the Cats will take Dylan Barker #1 overall.

In the TicatsTV clip, Obie seems pretty impressed by the import DB's he's bringing to camp. In fact, I'd say Beveridge, Gordon and Bradley would all be longshots to start in 08. Why would Barker be any different?

I say the Cats trade the top pick plus another player like Radelein, Piercy or Clinton Wayne for another experienced import receiver. Jim Barker from Calgary is a draft nut who puts a lot of emphasis on the Canadian draft, so I could see us dealing with Calgary. Or maybe BC because of Obie's west coast ties.

It's unfortunate the CFL combine and NFL pro days were so close together. With the money being thrown around in the NFL these days the kids have to go that route first.
I don't get to excited about player ratings unless they are in the top 15 or 20 at their positions.
Looking back at some of the ratings, Nick Kaczur was rated 11th and got drafted in the 4th round. Patrick Kobongo (Edmonton) was rated 17th at DT, wasn't drafted. Marwan Hage (Hamilton) was rated 45th at OG, wasn't drafted. Mike Labinjo (Calgary) LB/DE rated 59th signed as a free agent in the NFL.
O.J. Atogwe FS rated 7th was drafted in the 4th round. Eric Deslauriers WR (Montreal) was rated 28th, wasn't drafted. Cedric Gagne-Marcoux (Hamilton) C/OG was rated 13th at OC, wasn't drafted. Jeff Perrett (Montreal) OT was rated 14th, wasn't drafted. Jermaine Reid (Hamilton) DE was rated 44th, wasn't drafted.

So the guys coming out this year mentioned above like Shologan, Newman, Arthur and Messam look to be NFL free agent signings. That's not to say they won't eventually make the NFL, but history says they will be in the CFL in a couple of years or sooner.

That would for best if could do it .
Trades are not easy to do ..
I could see us draft Barker or Trading the Pick.
It will be one of the Two.

I'm a little disapointed in the forty times of this years crop. Maybe the field at U of T is slow as someone has suggested on another thread. WR Samuel Giguere was the only one to run in the 4.4 range. I guess the safties and slot backs in the CFL can get by with 4.5+ speed, but the corners and wideouts generally are in the 4.4 range. If you can't run with them you can't play with them.
Shea Emry's time of 4.7 is good for a MLB, but many of the CFL LB's are faster. Take for instance the new LB signed by the Ticats, Siskowski, he ran a 4.54 coming out of college and is comparable in size to Emry.
DE Justin Shaw also ran a 4.7 which I think is great but he needs to bulk up a bit to play in the CFL. Dan Kennedy, not bad at 5.0 for a big DT.
The RB's all ran fullback times with Darryl Stephenson the best in the 4.7 range, slow compared to Jesse Lumsden's 4.4.
The O-Linemen were slow with some of the best projected prospects in the 5.4 range, they should be in the 5.0 - 5.1 range for the pros.
Dylan Barker has safety speed at 4.5 so he didn't hurt his 1st round status.
We know that 40 speed isn't everything, as some guys are fast and don't know what to do when they get there...and there is such a thing as game speed that some players have. But as I said earlier, if you can't run with them you can't play with them. That's my opinion anyway.
I would think Samuel Giguere will be at the head of the class now after this combine, and Dylan Barker should be right up there as well. Then the run on linemen will probably start. Slow or not the CFL needs Canadian Linemen because its easier to sit back and pass block (when you're 300 lbs) and then bring the speedy imports in for the other positions.