Beyond trash talk

He does remember that hes walking into one of the CFLs harshest environments for opposing teams right?

Where? Hamilton?

Not any more. Not even close any more.

How do you figure? The fans are just as hard on opposing players as theyve ever been

Fans are never in there seats, I had standing room tickets last game but was surrounded by people jam packed in the whatever it is viewing pathway thing, so we went down sat 3 rows from field with noone around us, this was before halftime ended and wasn't a problem noone came back for these seats or sat within ten seats of us in any direction. Very different atmosphere from Ivor Wynne

It could be that Hebert is just messing with us like how Rousey or MacGregor act at a pre-fight press conferance to ramp up the publicity. But if he actually means what he says then that's a really sad statement of his character.

Our fans are too busy yelling when we have the ball or visiting the Stipley to intimidate opposing teams.


Kyries Herbert is the very definition of ‘cheap shot’ on the field. Why wouldn’t he also be that way off of it? Wonder if he kisses his mother with that mouth?

Its sad, the atmosphere in the stadium sucks now. Half the fans, if that's what you want to call them are not even watching the game. Its now a social gathering and IMO the Cats Brass have focused far to much on this and not enough on football.

And apparently, it is not just Hamilton. I noticed last night that Brodie whats-her-name gave her two longest segments to a food vendor and a couple of guys in the bar area. Even Dunnigan commented about paying for expensive seats just to stand in the bar.

It seems the favourite TSN crowd shots are now the partiers waving their brewskis for us all to envy. Teams must appreciate the extra revenue, but I have to agree, other than lots of elbow room, it kills the stadium vibe.

Glad I'm not the only one who's feeling that vibe. It's good for business no doubt, but I miss the edge IWS crowds had. When we were on defence late in the fourth quarter, and the place was sold out, you always felt like a riot could break out. I remember seeing at least one fight per Argo game at the old joint, but haven't seen one scuffle yet at THF.

It definitely wasn't a family friendly environment, but I loved it as a kid. I think Canada's best kept secret is Hamilton is turning into a nice city to live in with civilized human beings lol :wink:

I prefer the traditional view of our city though. Haters only makes it better when we win.

Yep. TSN is certainly not helping matters.

I ran into that Hendy 77 fellow recently. Not at all what i expected but pleasantly surprised. I agree with him and most. There is no 13th man factor at THF. Reams of empty seats. Its noisier in the concourse and in the lounges than in the stands. The game is an afterthought.

That's funny, I didn't notice a stink until Hebert came into Hamilton.

We are definitely "Beyond trash talk" now. Edging into pointless, inane and boring.

That's how a lot of the younger crowd are these days. If you sit back and really observe their behavior it will become obvious. Short attention spans and constantly staring into their smartphones. They are at the games mostly to take a selfie and solicit likes on their social media pages. But I don't really care that much if they missed an entire quarter SnapChatting as long as they're helping to support the Cats with their wallets.

yeah the young “Millenials” is what you call them are all about there smartphones and snapchatting and drinking and doing selfies. The Tim Hortons Field vibe is not like it used to be back in the 80s and 90s or just before Ivor Wynne was torn down. The defence was tougher, the fans were rowdier, the flags being carried across Ivor Wynne during a touchdown by some blue collar Stelco or Dofasco worker with a beer in his hand and a cigarrette dangling out of his mouth yelling for defence to kick ***. Those were the good ole days.

I miss those days of Ivor Wynne when Toronto Argo fans would be scared to sit in the stands because if they said anything we would get in there face.

I pine for the good old days as well.

I wish I could have taken a selfie.

I brought a buddy of mine to his first North American football game when we played Winnipeg this year (he's originally from Croatia, so soccer is his game), & he commented on how rowdy some of our fans were. This then led into me telling him about going to Ticat games in the 70s & 80s when the Argos would come to town. Whole sections fighting, and sometimes more than 1 section at a time. It's nowhere close to what it was like back then. Even the crowd noise seems to be way less. Remember people banging on the sheet metal at Ivor Wynne during the East Final against Montreal in 98? Can't imagine that happening now. I don't miss the fighting, although as a kid, it was entertaining to watch.

Yup those were the days a fan climbing the goalpost! and a ear getting bitten off !!!