Bewick, duh???

Has his hands on the punt returner on the goal line, and lets him go despite no whistle, big run back, field position, momentum shift, game lost. What was he thinking?

Lot's of those tonight, you'd think after 6 guys slid off of Whitlock for 2 TD's we'd gameplan against him, but I guess that's not enough indication that he was gunna be their go to guy.

8) That was the turning point in the game for sure !!!!

That, or Cobb's fumble. We were driving nicely, and had a very good chance of sealing a victory on that drive.

I don't think they scored any points off of the Cobb fumble, but I hear ya!

We lost this game in many areas.

Beswick, Sedeghian and Carter swere all standing around watching James take that ball out of the end zone. Absolutley brutal!

once the flag flies grab the ball already. I dont get it anyways. Let a guy pick up a ball and run for a five yard penalty? it doesnt make sense at any time to do that. Take the penalty and just grab it already. Its makes so much more sense to just recover any rolling punt and take the five yards. I hate watching our defenders drop back five yards while the returner decides when to grab the ball and I dont get the reasoning for letting it happen. Too many bad things can happen that any rolling punt should be recovered immediately before we get burned.

This confuses me too.

8) Well, we sure got burned by it tonight , Beet !!!!

If the ball is rolling around and we jump on it its a 15 yard penalty for intentional no yards. in tonights situation once he fumbled the ball and no yards was called, we should have just dove on it or tackled him.

In any other situation you must let him pick up the ball, and you must TRY to get out of the 5 yard zone or its 15. This came from the exact situation you guys are describing.

8) Even getting nailed for a 15 yd. penalty for intentional no yards, would have been better than what
  transpired on that play tonight  !!!

 The final result was much worse tonight, when you toss in that rough play penalty  !!!

  Edmonton got instant field position !!!     The turning point in the game  !!!!

It look like he put his knee down for the safety??? we should of challanged it. he actually touched the ball twice and on the second time he touched it he knee went down. Watch the Cats on the play they all stopped because he went down on one knee.

Honestly Tipper, last nights play wouldnt have even been no yards, or intentional no yards. It was just stupidity.

Personally i think a change in the rules should be done. If a player is looking like there gunna consede the single point then thats how the play should end Or that player should be considered Free game until his knee is down because when a player looks like there dropping the knee the defending team ALWAYS relaxes because if they hit him they get nailed with a 15 yard unneccesary roughness and possible ejection So although Beswick shouldve played until the whistle i think the rule is the problem here.

no he didn't.

It look like WWF football out there at times. :x

I also don't understand why they care about the five yard penalty. It's nothing on a hundred and ten yard field and it seems to me that 90% of the time the returner gains more yards than he would have had they just hit him as soon as he touches the ball. And that goes for every punt play by every team. I can see holding back to avoid the 15 yarder - sometimes, but even then when the other team has an above average return guy it's still got to be a coin toss whether to belt him or not.
And, if you aren't gonna give him five yards - for gods sake at least hit the guy.

I actually thought he had taken the knee as well until I saw the replay. I almost had a stroke on that play. Beswick has been an absolute beast on ST so I'll cut him some slack on this one, he wasn't the only one who messed up on that play. It was a nightmare. That single point was the difference.

Read above, you cant do that.

Otherwise, i would agree.

I believe they changed the rule a couple years ago, as we had a guy on special teams that did that all the time.... can someone help me? Special teams beast from Marshalls first year as head coach?

EDIT: I want to say Marcus Spencer - I seem to recall him decking a couple guys on ST with no regard for the rule.

8) What was his regular position Crash ???
   I also remember Scott Coe being a real headhunter on those special teams.  He sure took some
   stupid penalties during his time with us.

  I do remember Marcus Spencer.  Also Jason Lamar was another wild one  !!!!