Beware the Lions: Defence dominates in win over Elks

Only three QBs have played every game for their team, & Kellys behind due to TOs byes. Leads in yards but his other stats paint a different picture.

Edit, that should be two QBs.

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Yes stats paint a picture ONLY when you look at them as a whole picture. For you to say he is up in stats but you fail to mention you cherry picked the stats.
There is a reason the stamps are sitting at 4 wins and a lot of it has to the poor play of Bo and the entire team

Yes you have to be careful. A team that has the most rushing/passing yards may also have the most rush/pass attempts, so avg/gain per pass is more meaningful . A team that has allowed the fewest sacks also may have the fewest dropbacks so a stat the CFL tracks, but hasn’t published the last 2 years - sacks per dropback, can paint a very different picture. Obviously if you run the ball 100 times for 400 yds, that doesn’t make you better than if you run the ball 50 times for 350 yds. :sunglasses:

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Good points all.

I think the reality is that stats can be cherry picked many different ways. While meaningful and even often useful, they rarely tell the whole story.

Teams that are better and are ahead often in games tend to run the ball more while teams that play catch up more often will run the ball less.

And as I pointed out two years ago, defensive players on weak teams tend to have more tackles than those on strong teams as their team usually loses the battle of possession and they are on the field on average longer than defenders on good teams and therefore have more opportunities to make tackles. More tackles also isn’t such a good stat for a defensive back compared to a linebacker or D Lineman as it often means that the man they are covering has caught more passes.

An example. Deatrick Nichols, considered by many including myself to be the best DB in the league, doesn’t get many stats of any kind as virtually no passes to his man are completed and are rarely thrown to begin with. His main stat is the game plan of the other team’s OC which will usually include a plan not to throw the ball anywhere near him. Demarious Houston on the other hand, Nichols’ teammate and a Bomber who leads the league in IT’s by a healthy margin, has way more stats including the IT’s. Anyone who has watched the Bombers also knows that Houston can be and has been beaten for big plays as he gambles to make the IT. In this example I would pick Nichols over Houston to be on my team every time, although arguably it doesn’t hurt to have both kinds of players on your roster. The difference is you can really only have one Houston type while no team can ever have enough Nichols type players.

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Please don’t cherry pick my comments :wink: . The full text as follows:
“Funny about Maier, since he’s up there in stats. But I agree that despite all that, he’s not doing as well as expected.”

… meaning that I’m aware stats don’t tell the whole story.