Beveridge should start the rest of the season

Sandy proved last night that he should have been starting all along. I still can't figure out how Shaw was chosen over Beveridge for starter.


I loved the way he drew that 'taunting' penalty after laying the lick on whats his name....

Beveridge just stood there staring at the dude as if to got a problem?.... :lol:

yea that was a fantastic hit, reciever held onto the ball but when he got up and threw the ball at sandy...he knew he got plastered. Might have even been a little woozy after that hit! :thup:

Apart from the premature hit he made that got an interference call, I really liked the physical presence Sandy brought to the table!

Regardless of what is done at safety, I still believe RKK is a quality DB. I just hope the secondary as a whole can stabilize in their roles and continue to develop as a coherent unit.

Oski Wee Wee,

Nope, I'd go with Cody. The reason being is he is an average man to man coverage guy, just look at how many times he was burned yesterday and all the pass interference penalties. As a safety he would dominate the league at that spot with his speed and hitting ability.

I was so impressed by Sandy. I think the reason why he hasn't been starting all along is that he was struggling when he was in at safety and he has also been injured quite a bit.

He definately made his presence known last night and I couldn't be happier for him. He's worked very hard and been patient playing Special Teams and waiting for his shot.

Yes my biggest surprise with the defence last night was (a) how well Beveridge played at safety after KK got benched, and (b) how often Cody got burned; I had come to believe that Cody was arguably the best DHB in the CFL; after last night I"m not so sure. Hope it is just an aberration.

Keep in mind that Cody is just coming back off an injury and probably isn’t quite back to his true game form.

Even if he is fully recovered every player in pro sport has an off game now and then.

Agreed. Also keep in mind Kevin Glenn was LIGHTS OUT last night. A great game! His jumpball throw to Armstrong in the end zone at the expense of Cody was perfect -- and the bigger man came down with the ball. I do not fault Tay on that at all.

Oski Wee Wee,

that interference call did not bother me, after the hit Stegall was not the same player.

Exactly! Same with after the Cody hit last season :lol: even tho Tay put Milt out for 3 weeks :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it was a great break out game for Beveridge on defence and the player who Sandy drew the penalty from was Terrence Edwards.

I thought Shaw was back and wearing No.12..,what the!?.. :lol:

Great job earned the safety position last night!!

the good thing is karikari isflexible enough to move over to cb therefore giving sandy a chance to play. id rather have a vet in there then maybe micheal roberts going in instead at cb.

Ya, it kind of reminded me of something Mike O'shea would do when he played for us.

What a mean thing to say. What did Tay ever do to you?? :wink: :smiley:

I've always liked the way Sandy played at safety. Another plus is his size at 6'2" he can defend those jump ball passes better than your typical 5'9"-5'10" DB. Good job last night Sandy!

Where have you people been Sandy has always played
great and he is one of my favorites. He is also my daughter Samantha's #1 player and she knew something 3 yrs ago when she started coming to the games, he is the player that she always commented on and couldn't wait to meet. After the games she waits to see him and get something else signed by him.

He definately played awesome last night and so did the whole team. Now lets keep it up. Let's show Edmonton the same team on Saturday.

It's Hammer Time
Go Cats Go

After watching the game a second time, I think Sandy B was one of our best players out there. It seemed like it was either Zeke or Sandy in on every tackle. He was very impressive.