Beverage Service

I would like to know why only beer is sold in the seats.

I'm sure there are many fans asking the same question.

For an organisation to promote responsible alcohol consumption, and designated drivers, you would think other beverage options would be made available.

I suppose it's because there is a larger profit in a $10 beer, than in a $4 bottle of Coke.

Is this the trend throughout the league?

Stay calm
Stop complaining


Food is way too costly at any Stadium

why I don’t buy anything at the stadium I eat before and after

Tip food around the stadium is Cheep.

I spent 5 bucks at Mickey D Got a coke for a Dollar and Food for 1.29 Each

Or I could get Pizza for under 5 bucks

Only beer sold in seats? since when? we bought soft drinks from a young guy in section 117 during the first two games.... :roll:
Secondly it's not the responsibility of the Ticats or the city to ensure you don't drink and drive. With the stiff fines and jail terms and that we are all aware of you are stupid to drink and drive. Next time if you don't see anyone in your section selling soft drinks, get out of your seat and go and buy one.

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Although I agree food is way too expensive, and a minimal selection, I do eat before the game.

This post however, is addressing beverage service options in the stands.

First, as a season seat holder, there has been a beer vendor down my aisle approximately every 5 minutes.

There has yet to be ANY other form of service yet season, nor was there any last season.

Secondly, The individual who holds the license to serve alcohol IS in fact responsible.

Lastly, I personally have no problem going up to get my own drinks. I am addressing the members of our fan base, who may be unable to go up and down the stairs, for any number of reasons.

Yes, but under the Liquor Control Act here in Ontario, it is the server's responsibility to prevent alcohol-related problems.

Training for Servers - Smart Serve®
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Mandatory Server Training

All managers, licensed security personnel and employees handling liquor must complete a server training course approved by the AGCO (Smart Serve). All new employees have 60 days from their start of employment to obtain the certification. Staff should carry a copy of their certification card while they are working. An AGCO Inspector may ask to see any staff member’s certification.

The Smart Serve® Training Program has been developed by Smart Serve® Ontario, a division of the Hospitality Industry Training Organization of Ontario (HITOO), and endorsed by the AGCO. Smart Serve® training is mandatory for the following individuals:

New liquor sales licence holders, including new licence applicants, licence transfer applicants and temporary transfer applicants intending to operate an establishment. In addition to licence holders, all managers, servers of beverage alcohol and security staff must hold Smart Serve® certificates.
Stadium licensees, their managers, servers and security staff
Course marshals and employees dispensing liquor from vending carts on golf courses that hold a Golf Course Endorsement
Holders of Caterer's Endorsements and servers and security staff working at catered events
Where ordered by the AGCO (i.e. disciplinary cases)

Please note that the AGCO still recognizes The Server Intervention Program certification issued prior to May 1995.
What is Smart Serve®?

Smart Serve is a technology-based program for responsible beverage alcohol service. It teaches servers to prevent alcohol-related problems, and shows them how to intervene if problems do occur. The course covers such topics as the effects of alcohol, responsible serving techniques, legal issues, and house policies.

Licensees benefit from the course in a number of ways:

reduced risk of liability
possible insurance savings
promotion of public safety
reduces staff turnover
enhanced professionalism and improved hospitality service
increased profitability (servers learn to market food, premium brands, low and non-alcoholic drinks)
prevention of excessive consumption by patrons
lower compliance and enforcement costs
[url=] ... serve.aspx[/url]

And I think drinking and driving is an alcohol related problem, is it not? :wink:

Should call the cats directly and voice your concerns. Theyre usually good at fixing the issues and addressing the fans' concerns.

I believe that Sandy Beveridge has been "serving" our community as a firefighter very well since his retirement from football .

Although a bit of a ‘groaner’ as a joke, I have to give you an A+ for creativity. :thup: