Beverage Service...

Whoever had the bright idea to shuffle all the serving staff around at the stadium...

BOOOO....Epic failure...I've NEVER seen longer lines...and the game wasn't even sold out...Terrible.

It's Winnipeg, why would they do anything to make things easier ? I went for two beers at half and missed the first 3 minutes of the 3rd Q ! Maybe they were saving me from seeing our Defense sleep walking for the Toronto TD ?

I'm slowly starting to believe Winnipeg needs a new stadium and new ownership.

Write to David Asper at his website with your complaints about Canad Inns Stadium. Trust me, he'll read it.

By the way Kubie I'm still really upset with you after the terrible thing you said about me.

im sorry jets, but you not even a bomber fan, you only show up when theres something bad to be said about the Bombers, go cheer for your Jets because they are really doing well right now :wink:

Knock it off "milt-for-life". I think if you ever met me you'd think I'm a pretty nice guy.

I want to be a big Blue Bomber fan, but there are obstacles in the way. Those obstacles won't be there in 2012 and when we have a NEW owner. So, from a certain point of view, I'm a "die-hard-Bomber-fan-in-training".

It's all about point of view.

And I do go to the occassional game at horrible Canad Inns Stadium.

And why knock the Jets? When Winnipeg regains an NHL team (I don't care what they're called), you're going to be SO happy.

yes i will be happy if we get an NHL team, but stop knocking our one professional sports team which is actually profitable and viable, when a hockey team here im sure would be marginally profitable at best.

Jets nobody here disagrees with you that having a good owner and a new stadium will be nice, we are just saying that community ownership is not as bad as you say it is, and whining for the sake of whining is a steriotypical thing about winnipeggers that you are just proving.

look at it this way jets, ur money if u go to a bomber game, goes into making the experience better for you. with an owner, that would go directly into his pockets.

what an excuse, id like to be a fan but the team isnt owned by some d-bag billionaire.


i dont go to games cuz the team is community owned.

i dont go cuz the lineups are too long... i dont go cuz guys pee on the floor

ur lookin for excuses not to go.

All i gotta say is the lines are horrible.... Guys we live in Winnipeg this city is all about the booze how can they even justify being that slow.

If they decide to keep these slow-pokes there gonna have to lower the prices or something. A jumbo beer costs you right now 7.50 plus half a quarter of missed action thats rediculous

go to a social with 1000 people, it takes time to get a beer, now times that by 30..

it takes time. noone is forcing u to get up and get a beer during the game.. really what this topic is.. whining for the sake of whining.

wah wah wah.. i need to wait in line for a beer..

when u go to safeway, if some dude has like a cart full of groceries in front of you.. what do u do? whine.. try to find another line or suck it up and wait the 2 mins. u wait.

When you turn 18 you will understand ! They changed the staff that usually works the East side ! They fixed something that wasn't broken ! The week before , it was fine! Yes line ups, but not to the extent of people missing most of the 3rd quarter. Went to a game in KC last year , with 80 000 people and no issues at all !

i am 18. thanks. and no i dont understand it at all.

when half a section gets up at once to get a beer, ur gonna have to wait.

deal with it. noone is forcing u to miss a quarter of the game

if your main concern is i missed a quarter of the game because i went to go get a beer, i guess all that says is beer is more important to you than watching the game.

whining for the sake of whining. it's the winnipeg way.

yup, and if the bombers won.. this topic wouldnt have even been started.

No , people were fired up at the half ! People Couldn’t of cared if we were up by 40 or down 40 !

time to call intervention then if ur that pissed that u have to wait in line for alcohol.

Killer, my need to grow a little...

Just because people complain about having to wait much longer than normal DOES NOT mean they have an alcohol problem! It simply means they aren't happy with the service...

I was fine, It was people I over heard saying, they couldn't understand why they switched staff up ! Which made the service awful ! Don't worry in 6 years when you turn 18 you will understand !

Service was TERRIBLE...

Standing in line watching the staff chat when people are waiting...ridiculous.

Too much political correctness nowadays...I'll be sending a letter...there's no reason for this crap.

wtf man. seriously. in 6 years. get a life.

killer i know how you feel about the bombers, we all are big fans, or we wouldn't be here, if you have one complaint it doesn't mean your automatically not a fan, its not a contest of who likes everything or whos the biggest fan.

you don't need to defend the bombers personally, because we all know they aren't perfect.

ON THE OTHER HAND....Some people (jets) are just whining for the sake of whining and complain about everything, and that will never change.

I just like to think im somewhere in the middle of both these extremes, and can for the most part judge each situation with my brain not with my heart.

It might have been a problem with the management but I am not too sure I can blame the staff. Some of these people who had probably worked hard and had earned good tips were asked to go somewhere else. To me that is not fair. If you work hard and get to be appreciated why would your boss take that away from you? Not the brightest move. Making people wait was just a form of protest. Unfortunately the clients were the pawns in this fight. I would bet by the time the next home game rolls around things will have been fixed up. The club needs every buck they can find (even at qb).