Betting on Hamilton.

Normally I bet on against the team I want to win, so I can get a booby prize if they lose. However, odds to good to pass up this weekend.

If Hamilton, Toronto, and Monteal all win by 4+ points, I turn a 4 buck ticket into 295.50

Funny, I figure hamilton got a better chance to win than toronto, but the powers that be think otherwise.

Go catgoettes. :rockin:

Its time for the east to win some more games against the west, even if that includes my leos.

my rule of thumb in betting is never bet on Bills games

as for the 3 that you have, anything can happen but in the end you should just send your 4 bucks to me

The more I speak, the more I am probably jinxing everything, but

  • it seems to me that hamilton is due for a win, and BC due for a lose after 2 tough wins against riders

  • it also seems to me that Toronto might also be due for a win, and calgary due for a letdown after 2 fairly highscoring games

  • as for sask, I figure they are due for a win, but I didnt want to pick 3 longshots, so I went with the longest 2.

It would not surprise me to see

a hamilton double digit win

a toronto 2 pt win

as sask 6-8 pt win.

I could live with that.

Edmonton and WPG just dont matter :twisted:

asking for a t.o. win is just a little too much.

You do realize that the payout is that high because your odds are close to 75-1 right? That's not good odds at all. You certainly wouldn't bet on a horse that was 75-1, so why waste your money?

becasue I beleive the timeing may be right, for at least one of ham or tor.

What the heck, whats 4 bucks against 295.50

You're betting on 3 Eastern teams in this week's games. Have 3 eastern teams won games in the same week all season? I doubt it. (note: Winnipeg won last night, which would mean that all 4 Eastern teams would have to win this week for you to win.) Again, it doesn't look good.

Funny, I played Proline tonight and picked the Cats by mistake. My 2 year was trying to get to the candy bin, and I just wasnt paying attention. My fault. Go Cats.....

Anyone know what the spread is?

Last I heard the spread was BC by 13.

of course not, thats why the big payout.

...and this is why I'm not a betting man. :slight_smile:


ahh well, there is always next weekend.

surely they will both win one on the same weekend at least once this season (fingers crossed)

I bought 3 different tickets this weekend for a total to 10 bucks

my worse one paid off giving me 9.44 in return.

only cost me 56 cent for a chance at almost 300 return

thats why anyone would bother.