Betting on Argos/Riders game tonight

Do you think It's a good bet that the game's total point score will be UNDER 50.5?

.....imo nope......look at last night's team in a four game losing slide and the other team with questionable QB strength and they still managed to rack up well over 50 combined points, against some pretty tough Ds.......both Sask and Toronto have great Ds but it seems that even kickers could combine for over 50 points these days......

It's a tough call. I could see this game being a low scoring one. I'm not sure though. Anyone else?

I think about 55 points, maybe 33 - 22 type of score.

Toronto 34 Riders 17

Its going to be a cool night, so I would agree the point score will be low.

I'd say low.. it's cold and windy, old man Damon's arms might get all creaky. :slight_smile:

Toronto 24, Riders 14

I bet on under 50.5 points. Let's hope it's a defensive battle!

Thank god I bet under!