better year?

Are the riders going to be better than 9-9 this year? I sure as hell hope so, but I can't tell. I never can I'm always too scared about the Riders.That'a what you get for 18 strait years of disapointment. Anyway let's look at it. Our offense should be good. Jospeh is the no-brainer to start, with Crandell and Durant backing up. At running back isn't that bad. I mean Bracey did have the longest run from scrimmage for us last year, plus there's Dorsey and this new guy Childs who we just traded for,and don't forget we could get Kenton back if he stays out of jail, and if Tillman wants him back, because I doubt he'll be a Colt for very long. At fullback we still got Szarka, so that's no problem. Our receivers are great. Dominguez,Armstead,Fantuz,Flick,Anderson,Grant, and this new draftee McKoy, do I really need to state what's good about them? Our O-Line should be better. No more Thomas who gave up a bunch of sacks to Brent Johnson. (That was a nightmare)We still got Makowsky and O'Day, plus we added Abou-Mechrik and Feugill. And we traded for Wayne Smith, so our line should be able to protect Joseph better. Now to Defense. The biggest thing on defense is the loss of Bush,Morgan,and Mitchell. Our D-Line is no problem seeing as we only ost Nate Davis who hasn't been that great lately anyway. Perry,Jurineack,Shultz, and the new guy Jermiane Haley should be able to create the preassure we need. The linebackers are perfect. My boy Reggie Hunt is back along with McCallough,Lloyd,Jones,and Stancil. Now for the DB's No Morgan no Bush. Who do we to replace them? Well we have Rontarious Robinson AKA Coolio (I'm serious he looks like coolio, check it out) who should take one half back position with Eddie Davis taking the other. At corner we should have James Johnson, who did pretty good last year, and a battle between Airabin Justin,Chris Hawkins, and Lance Frazier for the other corner spot. At saftey it will another battle between Clovis,Gordon,and Ruiz. So point is Ritchie Hall should be able to make these guys just as good or even better than what we had last year. Then at Kicking. Congi was great at feild goals, but horriable at punting and not so good on kickoffs. But we got Boreham, so we'll see what happens there. So are we going to be better than last year? My guess is yes,Our new HC should keep our players more disciplined then before. Estimated record:10-8. GO RIDERS!