Better times ahead....starting tonight.

Look for the Cats... to finally start to turn things around this season.... it will start to-night as they crush the Bombers.

sez who??

Proof please , link , something????

The link will be provided tomorrow to all the articles on how the ticats upset the bombers. :o :o

I hope.

here here

go get em guys

We're due for something to happen in our way.
I hope the beating we took last week was just what it took to get the team to ask as one, and be willing to comit themselves to help each other.

Also look for me to win the lottery tomorrow. proof will be made available in tomorrows newspaper… i hope.

Allow me to be the very first person to say congrats. I hope with all that moeny that you buy and donate season tickets to big brothers and sisters.


Seriously, how could you possibly expect anyone to prove a statement like that about something that hasn't happened yet?

[url=]www.catscrushthebombersonaugust406andsn ...[/url]

If the Cats have no chance to win, they probably will :thup:

what worries me is what motivation they use. will they play hard cause their asses/jobs are on the line and save themselves a stay one more week? or is their a real committment to turn it around?

ps.. i'm talkin players and coaches

You guys get smacked up and down the field on your home turf and now some of you are predicting that the Ticats will crush the Bombers :?

I get a good chuckle out of the Ticats forum.

He's the one that said it WILL happen , not me.
I want proof since he knows it WILL happen.
How does he know it WILL happen??

Proof NOW !!!!!!!

Pokeys right.
We get our A$$'s kicked up and down the field and we have the nerve ( with nothing to base it on) to say tonight WILL be the turn around.

Sometimes I think people just like to see their name at the top of a topic to feel special or something.
Usually with nothing to say really.

Have a good night, I certainly did! :wink:

i get my chuckle later. thanks

This is why we all LOVE the CFL ... I must admit ... I did get a CHUCKLE at this thread ... I await the the next posting by the greaat chuckler from Winnipeg ... it should be a real HOOT !


P.S - Let me be the first to take the wind out of your sails ... yes I realize that your team was BADLY COMPROMISED by injuries to key players, but we didn't use that as an excuse last week ... I really hope the next tilt can be played at full strength by both squads.

P.P.S - Should I BELIEVE !?

yeah the guys did a good job like i said they would to save their jobs for another week.
i'll be pissed if they come out flat sat vs argos but hopefully this win is somethng to build on.

So how much money did you win????