Better than Mike Reilly?

Zach Collaros sure would look nice in a Bomber uniform for the next ten years. Hope the Argos go with Ricky Ray and trade Collaros to us rather than lose him to Ottawa for nothing. Keep your fingers crossed people, he might even be better than the last guy we let get away!

Argos sure are building a nice team. Three straight games played on the road (Mon, Sas, Cal) with a rookie QB who's played all of five games, three straight come from behind wins, this one coming against the best team in the league thus far. With teams often unwilling to trade within their own division, maybe going to the West next year will come in handy for Bomber fans after all!

Why would the Argos trade Collaros to you? You have nothing Barker would want in return. The cupboard is bare.

Have you never heard “it’s better to give than to receive”? Oh, and because they’re going to lose him or Ray anyways, so you might as well get something for either of them and the only team in the league that doesn’t have a real starting QB is Winnipeg, that’s why.

Again, who are you going to give up in such a trade? Who would the Argos even want off of your squad? They have a great team already. Henuoc Muamba may appeal to them slightly, but he’s the first decent Canadian starter you guys have had since Doug Brown, so isn’t trading him just creating another hole on your squad? Your lack of talent and overall depth is a real roadblock in such a trade. Unless you want to start offering up your future first round picks…not a good idea for a team with zero quality Canadian player depth.

So you think the Bombers have ABSOLUTELY NO TALENT? Amazing then that they have actually beaten two teams this year with no ability whatsoever! They might well protect Collaros (I sure would) but that would leave Ray to be scooped up by Ottawa, why not get a player or two in exchange? Just because the Bombers don't have the same amount of talent that other teams possess, doesn't mean they have absolutely nobody that other teams would want. If Muamba doesn't want to sign a new deal with Winnipeg then that would be a great player to move; it would be a deal that benefits both teams. I'm sure there are plenty of players that would interest the Argos (or any other team) especially since they'll be losing someone in the expansion draft for nothing at all. Every team needs something that would make them better, just depends on what the Argos happen to think they need.

Collaros is a free agent, afaik. Only way to keep him after a trade is to sign him for a extension, and he's likely to want a big raise to avoid testing the FA market.

....Zack Collaros will be in Bomber bluengold next year or somewhere else....This kid is too good to be a second stringer....Ray WILL NOT be going anywhere and so the obvious is...when the Bombers come calling with a truck load of'll be adios T.O.....Of course the argos could try to match it but with the qb. (Ray) being paid the highest qb. salary in the land, I doubt the boatmen will be in the picture as fas Collaros is concerned....AND by watching him last night..I say yes...he is better than Reilly but of course with a better supporting cast....So when Collaros hits the fa market expect a suitor to come calling and I believe the Bombers will come in with the best offer money wise ... It's going to get interesting when the season ends...We shall see :wink:...AND for the fellow who thinks there'll be a trade for him before seasons end....Argos will not be trading a back-up of his stature heading into the playoffs and another Cup appearance....Zack will be a free trade needed...end of :wink:

The Bombers have already tried to get Collaros & BL Mitchell and have been told no by their teams.

There are only 2 weeks left until the trade deadline so I doubt the Bombers will swing a trade for anyone and will have to wait for free agency and/or the draft to make a move.

I like Zach very much, he will be a FA.
The Argos will sign him long term to a salary one half of RR.
Zach is 9 years younger than RR and at this stage obviously has a greater up sign for the long term.
He is the real deal, reminds me having a little bit of the Flutie magic.

Whichever QB the Argos don't protect will be traded, they aren't so stupid as to allow him to leave without receiving anything in return. As was the case last year with Reilly, the trade will happen upon completion of the season before free agency (if it's Collaros) and likely before or at the draft (if it's Ray). This ain't rocket science, the question is WHICH player will be leaving via trade.

No doubt Collaros would seem to be the obvious choice for the Argos to keep, however, stranger things have happened. There’s always the possibility that Ray refuses to accept a trade or suffers another injury and can’t be moved. Should be interesting to say the least.

…I doubt one-half of Rays salary will get it done…especially since the Bombers will be paying very little in qb. salary when the season ends and the coffers will be flush with cash for the position…So good luck matching the Bombers offer of a pretty good salary AND the real possibility of starting ,when there won’t be one in T.O. behind Ray …We missed out on Reilly, I doubt management in the Peg will allow that to repeat…not with this new GM :wink:

But according to the rumours the only reason the Collaros deal didn’t go through was because Ray got injured (shoulder injury in game against the Bombers).

Argos can't afford to trade him. He's their starter right now and he will be a free agent come season's end. At that point nobody knows what he decides to do. He could draw interest from an NFL team as well. I would not count my chickens too soon. :wink:

…I doubt very much a qb. as young as he is will draw any interest from the nfl…He’ll have to toil up here for a few years in bluengold before he gets a shot down there…The guys I thought that could’ve made it in the ‘big show’, were Ray and Dickenson and they were in the starters position quite awhile up here, before they got a look…AND look what happened to them… :wink: We’ll probably get competition, with regard to signing him, from other CFL teams…namely the Als. as they don’t seem to have much at the pivot position… Ottawas gm has stated he won’t pursue free agents…Of course it’ll come down to money, like it always does and a true shot at starting…A tour of the new digs should help…get the cheque books ready :lol:

Desjardins never said he was not interested in free agents. He said he would not use an expansion draft pick on a free agent unless he felt they could sign him to an extension. By the time free agency hits the expansion draft will have been held months ago.

As for NFL interest. I don't know that he would make a team but it does not cost Collaros anything to go and accept invitations to mini-camps.

NO matter what happens with the quantity of Quarterbacks on the market this spring the Bombers will find a guy. I just don't know which one. Any of Burris, Glenn, Collaros, Tate would be an improvement over the current situation.

Been talk out here (Vancouver) since Walters took over that the Bombers are trying to pry Tate out of Calgary. He can certainly play and the price shouldn't be very steep for the Bombers to pay, but he sure has trouble staying healthy.

He’s young and he might have made a mistake with his choice of off season training. I think he’s a good one but Calgary will have to choose and right now they don’t need him like Toronto needs Collaros. So it makes sense.

It does make sense, but I’d sure prefer Collaros…