Better Than 2014/2015, But Can Still Be Improved...

At the half way mark, I am pleasantly surprised how many games I have watched/enjoyed in 2016. The games are better than 2014/2015. Still, a few thing that need to be improved for 2017...

  1. Too many flags. It is insane how many plays have flags.
  2. Challenges. Get rid of the Pass Interference challenges. They take too long and they are too subjective.
  3. Pacing. I know TSN is inserting a ton of commercials but I feel for the people at the games. It's nuts how many delays there are.
  4. Protect the QB. People do not go to see 2nd string QB's and it hurts the TV viewing experience.
  5. Put the TV cameras across from the side of the field where the fans are. Few things worse than seeing an empty stadium.

Anyone have anything to add?

The challenges on illegal contact away from the ball have to go. The coaches fishing expeditions have become a joke.

The rest I can live with, although I do kind of miss the Wendy`s redhead.



Thinking about it, Glen Johnson somehow got into the ears of the league Governors and has turned the CFL into a police state. No using judgement by officials or Jake Ireland, everything called by the letter of the law. Forensic officiating.

  1. Agree, however, majority of flags seem to be on things that have always been penalties, ie.. offside, holding, players need to shape up. Changes have moved way too much for helping the offence.
  2. Challenges take too long. Need hard time limit, and bang/bang pass interference calls should only be looked at in full speed. Also, I would just keep the challenges to 2, not reward an extra one.
  3. Not alot you can do, there is not a sporting event that doesn't get bogged down with commercial breaks, minus the CBC Olympic coverage. Players, coaches and refs are the biggest reasons for lack of pace of game. However, one beef I have always had, is when a player is injured, they will stay live for most if not all of the time the player is down. Then they still run the usual commercial breaks. They should be running all the upcoming ads minus the repeats while there is an injury timeout.
  4. Can't do much more, than put flags on them and use flag football rules for the QB. Too many roughing the passer hits are called when the defensive player would have no time to adjust when ball is thrown. Also, Head hits need to be monitored, but when a defensive player makes a clean tackle, but either the QB ducks his head, or the helmet grazes the facemask which is 2 -3 inches out from the players face, they shouldn't be calling that. QB's can go down feet first , if you don't want to get hit, go down.
  5. This is on the cities and communities that have teams. You shouldn't need to be a CFL fan or even a football fan to go out and support your team. I am always embarrassed for the cities with empty stadiums, not the team. Yes winning teams help, but there is nothing like being in a full stadium with crowd looking to have a good time. You can have the worst team, but if the fans create a good atmosphere its always a blast winning or losing. Plus if you go to mulitple games a year, you might just meet people.
  6. I would like to see more innovative offences. Yes, they have the no-huddle and can change the pace that way, but I would like to see different formations other than just offshoots of the shotgun. I still think a running game is better served with the QB under centre so the RB has a running start.

Either that or punish for challenges that don't materialize.

You're right. It's a tough fix.

I think the level of play is much higher this year, however the pace of play is still not where it needs to be. The challenges need to be toned down.

You got that right. It is bad enough on TV, I can only imagine how bad it would be "in stadium".

Agree with all your points - strongly about #1 AND #2 - mildly about 3, 4 & 5.
The worst flag of all occurs when a returner is going house to house and some nutbar on the return team decides he can get away with a block from behind or some idiotic move that has a zebra standing at the ready and eager to kill the return. SOLUTION - if it doesn't affect the return, then tack it on to the kick-off, maybe even issue yellow cards (like soccer) for fouls away from the play.

As far as protecting QBs - its a bit of give n take - a loutish DL knows he can change the course of a game (even a season) by super-fouling a QB. You can't take tackling for sacks out of the game - I think some of the responsibility lies on the QBs - they're totally eager to hold the pigskin to the last micro-second and set themselves up for coffinators. Gotta play it a bit smarter - before Ricky Ray got old he was the best at disposing of the football regardless of situation - he kept himself on the field and gave his teams the best opportunity to win. Guys like Drew Willy, Harris, Durant, even Jon Jennings & Collaros have the hero syndrome and get nailed far more often than they should.

Also, remember when Reilly first burst upon the scene. He was absolutely a picture of recklessness. But he's tamed his inner urges, uses the sidelines as a blockade and takes the odd baseball slide to boot. His advantage is he knows how to bounce off the pocket, leaving frustrated defenders in his wake.

(1) One of the biggest issues I have is with the degree of contact that results in a penalty, and that receivers initiating contact in the 5-15 yard area get a PI call on the defender. Reset the interpretation to something more realistic would settle a lot of problems.

(2)No problem with reviews but coaches should have 10-15 seconds from the end of the previous play to throw the flag; none of this reviewing every angle of replays to decide what to do.

(3) 1 & 2 will help pacing a lot. So would more scoring as that creates a natural break in which commercials can be inserted.

(4) Agree, but how to do it without turning the league into flag football for the QBs? Even relaxing the interpretation of holding won't help much as it is often just the creativity of DCs that result in sacks/hits.

(5) League needs cameras on both sides to ensure proper reciew, even if it is only commend centre intiated on scoring plays and turnovers.