Better Stay Up Late Tonight, Bob

This topic; "Better Stay Up Late Tonight,Bob" was posted following last nights game.

It was not at all unlike many of the other topics posted after the Ti-Cats most recent fiasco, and yet the mods chose to dump it.

I have read and reread all the criteria and rules of this site and virtually have them memorized. NONE OF THEM WERE BROKEN!

The mods on this site appear to be of the same calibre as the rest of the Ti-Cat organization, extremely sub par.
Sometimes they tend to take on authority they don't have. For the couple of hours my topic remained on site it got several responses before it was dumped. (All favourable) It contained no abusive language, name calling, insults, etc. It merrily advised Mr.Young that he would be well advised to get busy rebuilding his team now and suggested Charlie Taaffe would be a good place to start.

It further advised Mr.Young that raising season ticket prices for next year was NOT a good idea in view of what he has given us this year.

Finally, it stated that Mr.Young should start surrounding himself with GOOD FOOTBALL MINDS immediately.

I have wriiten this new submission because I feel that it is critical that Mr,Young get busy with this task immediately lest his fan base show a significant decline next year.

I suggested that he show his sincerity to those of us who want the Ti-Cats to succeed by leaving prices as they are now and realize the urgency of this situation before
the fans stop coming out.

The foregoing was the essence of my deleted post? Am I incorrect in protesting the fact that the mods dumped my original post or not?

Better hurry and respond before they delete this one too.

I read a few weeks ago that the moderators that pull threads and posts would at least communicate with the poster.

This does not happen.

Perhaps this site should take some hints from the fansites around the CFL, at least those sites communicate with their members and make it feel like a community.

Thanks, Crash! That is exactly my experience.

I have had a few of my postes...deleted, also. No bad english, etc, etc. They pull the plug if you.... say something that THEY do not agree with...
Gutless....I say. Perhaps these folks have also forgotten that the paying fans... also pay into their paycheques. And have a right to express themselves.... in a tasteful manner. A few years ago this Forum was closed for several months, after Lancaster was blown-out in the eastern semi... remember ???
Still leaves a bad taste in my mouth...

As a site mod, I’ve been known to pull topics that are duplicated (like the ‘fire so-and-so’ when it’s the second or third one repeating a similar theme. I’ll also pull or lock a post if it’s just bashing someone (a player, coach, another team, another forum member) without any merit, or using inappropriate language. We do follow guidelines, like editing if the post breaks copyright for another news source (quoting an entire article or posting a photo without permission).

For the most part ‘just because I don’t agree’ doesn’t enter into the equation. Personally I don’t have an opinion, that’s my job. I’m neutral, I read, I observe, I edit and I moderate. If you debate, discuss, argue and analyize that’s your right. Just keep it above the belt, and try to make points without doing it at the expense of others.

If you’ve got an issue you’d like to take offside, just PM me and I’ll look into it.

The Ref

I would PM you, but I prefer to keep this public. I've read your post and still maintain that I've stayed within your guidelines.
Why did you delete my original post?