Better Stay Up Late Tonight, Bob

Hello Bob:

Looks like this ship has sunk. May I suggest that you heed the words of some very knowledgeable football people from the CBC along with just about any Ti-Cat fan you care to speak to right now.

Start housecleaning and don't be afraid to be ruthless in your efforts to correct the multitude of problems that face this team.

I wouldn't wait, Bob. Charlie Taaff is looking for work. Why not start the inevitable rebuilding job NOW for next season so that you aren't faced with the task of trying to rebuild in the two to three week pre-season.

The fans understand that you can't make full scale changes this late in the season. Much of this must be done in the off season, however, I think the onus is now on you to show your sincerity to the fans by getting the ball rolling immediately.

The head coach's position is critical in my opinion. Some of us, myself included, thought Ron Lancaster might bring some discipline to this team, but he has failed miserably and the naysayers were right! I suggest you dump him tonight, if possible.

But don't stop there, there are many more changes that must be made throughout the organization. (management and playing personnel)

As a fan, I understand fully that the season is over, but I am willing to stick around if you start making some moves.
This team is no longer the laughing stock of the CFL, they are being laughed at, ridiculed and scorned by the entire country, and deservedly so.

Please act now so that Ti-Cat fans can hold their heads high once again.
Those of us who are avid fans can appreciate that you have done your damndest to put a good team on the field, but unfortunately and regretably, your efforts have failed to date. Time to bring in some real football people, particularly in the management and coaching fields.

If you are still entertaining thoughts of raising prices for next year, I'd put that idea out of your head right now. Your fan base is going to show a radical decrease as it is. Instead, show your sincerity to those of us who have put out so much for this team of losers over the years and bring in some REAL FOOTBALL MINDS!




In the meantime, too, maybe it wouldn't hurt to back off a little on the marketing chutzpah - can anybody manage to completely stifle their own laughter when you see the "We Come to Play" motto on the Ticat ads this year? C'mon, I have eyes, and I can see that, no, for the most part, you haven't. Don't even dare to try and show me a "Play of the Game" from tonight's game on Tigervision next week - I won't be able to stop laughing...

Well said Rocky123 !

Very well said rocky123....


The rest of the league is embarrassed about the Cats too, and feels sorry for the loyal fan base.

I can't believe he brought in the LuLu team to see this. What message is he trying to send to his new LuLu team? Don't worry about success, just make sure you pi$$-off your customer base every chance you get.

Agreed. 2007 season starts now. Cant design a season-ticket campaign with the status quo.