Better, not good enough

Hard to believe!! Interception to 10 yd line = 2 penalties and field goal. Can't drive the ball in.
Blocked punt = missed field goal from what? 20 yds. We had the chance to put more nails in the coffin but couldn't do it. The team is better, but still not good enough to win.

34-15. You can use your toes to count. :wink:

Great game and an important victory....... But
Hellllloooo Marcel we need to talk about the killer instict and the RED ZONE.
We left far to many points on the field.

Well, there may have been missed opportunities. Getting three points and then one point and then three again after turnovers when we could have had seven after each one of them. But against the blew team, we were able to get away with that. But I do think there is room for improvement here, need to take advantage of opportunities.

Although I agree about the red zone O... Geez can't we enjoy the win before the negative Nellies get vocal?

This thread was started at halftime, just after the missed FG. You have to understand there was a little frustration at the time.

But fortunately for us, the blew team was worse. We will not always get away with missed opportunities. We didn't last week.

I agree that we dodged a bullet with many missed opportunities, however, our D was solid all night and you just knew that one after the other after the other they WERE going to make the big plays.

This win feels soooooo good.

I am glad we Win but we Left Too many Points on the Field
You have to score Majors when you get a Turnover..

8) You are right Tom !!!
 We did leave too many points on the field.

 The final score should have been much higher, in our favour  !!!

The fact that the Nellies started to complain at half-time is even WORSE! The Cats were ahead, there was half of the game left, WAYYYYYYYY to early to start bitching. ENJOY the game; ENJOY the win; then tear it apart and see what needs to be done. You think Marcel went into the change room after the game and started whining? No, that's for film day. Try to enjoy a good game and a better season and save the bellyaching for at least the day after.

Great win Cats. Hope the players don't read this board post-game.

They were ahead 18-10 at the time, but we remembered how missed opportunities last week were a reason for the loss. At the time, Drew Edwards said "if the Ticats lose this game, the ten points they left out there at the end of the first half will be the storyline" as you can see here: ... -half.html

But yes, it was a good win, and positives are being focused on in other threads. I thought we'd have more posts here by now though. Many fans must be back from IWS by now.

Wow. It's always all-or-nothing for some people. Normally when you win by 19 points you don't complain about not being good enough. :roll:

The golden W is what get's you to the playoffs, not impressive stats, although that does usually help.
We did what we had to do and that's all that matters.

We know that the Cats are good enough. We`re 5-4. Only 2 games behind Montreal. If we were in the West, we would be tied for first place!!

To Nomad * so aptly named

yr first post ever and you complain because of missed opportunities?

let us all remember the only points that really count are those in the win column and the last time i looked at it we got 2 for tonight.

the 1960s tabbies were sometimes Golly awful on offence.... but they won more often than not.
DEFENCE is and will always be the measurement of this team's success

......Im certain the Blewteam would have gladly taken those two points if we were magnanimous and wanted to give them away because we weren't "good enough" :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I'm going with the complaint about points left on the field. No team can hope to get away with that against a good team

AKT I have to agree with you. I was glad we got the win but I was not impressed with the way we played against the worst team in the league who turned over the ball five times. We need to be a lot sharper. I hope next week we can improve on other team's turnovers and capitalize more often than we did tonight.
I still do not understand why we don't go to our best receivers more often. We did not go to Bruce enough again tonight. When we do he comes up with big plays.
I was glad we finally started using Stalla the way we should.

It's all about playcalling.

In the redzone, after we got stuffed the first few times with a run, go to play action. The Argos were sitting there waiting for Cobb.

Remember that you can only go to your best receivers when they are open. A few times tonite I didn't see enough separation from our receiving corps.

Overall, we need a better OC. We don't mix it up on offense enough. We rarely run screens or swing passes or end arounds or options.

We play the standard spread offense and either run or pass.

We have to mix it up. We rarely roll the pocket and we are very easy to read.

'Been like that all year. If we had the points we left aginst EDMONTON and Montreal on field we have two more wins but every game the team gets better. They are young strong and hungrey and we could have a few great yrs to come. Lets face it this time of yr the past 3 seasons we where out of it already so I take this team right now and run with it. :rockin:

Its was a relief to get the win,lots of points left on the field ect ect,but we also had alot of missed sacks,and tackles.still entertaining. :thup: