Better luck next year, Roughies???

All I can say is, better luck next year to the roughies and their fans, though I’m sure it won’t do them much good. Get rid of Barrett and Shivers for starters. Calgary’s poised to kick some serious a** this post-season.

~zZar~ 8)

way to kick ass zZar!

Well... what can I say? Not a whole lot. I was wrong! The Stamps stammered and Maas disected them with surgical precision. Congrats to the Esks. As for the roughies next season, heres an article I think some of you roughie fans can relate to.

Fans Need to Look at Overall Picture
by Rob Vanstone
The Leader-Post (Regina)

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Roy Shivers and Danny Barrett landed in Regina on Monday afternoon, but their futures remain up in the air.

Speculation is rampant as to whether the Saskatchewan Roughriders' football braintrust -- principally Shivers (general manager) and Barrett (head coach) -- will return for the 2006 CFL season.

Some Riders fans are salivating at the notion of a housecleaning. Others prefer surgical procedures, such as the serving up of Barrett or offensive co-ordinator Marcel Bellefeuille as scapegoats.

Changes are warranted, but Shivers, Barrett and Bellefeuille should be given one more season -- a make-or-break year -- to make the alterations. The Riders' board of directors must define the expectations and set the parameters.

This may not be a popular view. It could be difficult to sell the status quo to the disenchanted fans who are calling for a major shakeup.

There is a time for a widespread purge. When the situation is obviously irreparable, a fresh start is in order.

That time had arrived in 1999, when the Riders registered a 3-15-0 record and missed the playoffs for the fourth time in a five-year span. Hence the need for a new regime, headed by Shivers.

The Riders have not attained the pinnacle of success in six years under Shivers and Barrett. Their regular-season record is a rather unflattering 48-59-1.

However, that slate camouflages the fact that Saskatchewan has appeared in two West Division finals and made the playoffs for four consecutive years. (Remember the 11-year playoff drought?)

Following seven consecutive losing seasons, Saskatchewan has finished at .500 or better three straight times.

The 2005 Riders tripled the win total of the 1999 edition, but that isn't good enough. Not anymore. The bar has been raised. Shivers and Barrett played a key role in the ascending expectations.

This year, they did not deliver. A hasty playoff exit constituted a regression after the near-Grey Cup berth of '04.

That said, Shivers & Co. should be appraised on their overall record -- not just that of 2005. Based upon their body of work, a case can be made for the retention of both men, with stipulations.

The Riders' board of directors must make it clear to Shivers that character is an issue. In recent years, Saskatchewan has led the CFL in arrests. The off-field conduct of a few players was a concern long before Trevis Smith was charged with aggravated sexual assault.

Shivers and Barrett should be ordered to reward character. A progressive step would be to make Corey Holmes the No. 1 tailback. The popular Holmes outproduced Kenton Keith in 2005.

The quarterbacking issue -- one which relates to performance and perception -- must also be addressed.

The first step should be to sever ties with the obsolete Nealon Greene. His continued presence would only remind people of how the Riders' brass squandered a wealth of quarterbacking talent.

Shivers and Barrett endorsed Greene after his shaky showing in the 2003 West Division final, even though promising pivots Kevin Glenn and Henry Burris were also under contract. Fumble!

The professed confidence in Greene prompted Glenn to request a trade. Glenn is now employed by the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, for whom he threw 27 touchdown passes in 2005. Burris, who left Saskatchewan via free-agency in February, sparked the Calgary Stampeders' resurgence -- yes, these things can happen in only one year -- and was recently named a West all-star.

And Greene? Barrett did not see fit to use him in Sunday's 30-14 playoff loss to the Montreal Alouettes, even though Marcus Crandell faltered in the first half. What does that say about Greene?

So here are some sporting suggestions: Retain Crandell, who was the Riders' best quarterback in 2005. Find some fast receivers, whose recruitment used to be Shivers' forte. Pursue an elite quarterback, regardless of the expenditure. The cost of not staging home playoff games, compounded by unsold lottery tickets and shares, is much higher.

Astute, decisive moves by Shivers and Barrett could allay concerns about their saleability and restore the popularity they enjoyed before this season.

Riders fans are angry right now, as they should be. But give them a credible offence, along with a sincere apology, and the current storm could subside.

Get a qb in rider land and you will be back next year........

Again I point out buying them out isnt an option unless teh Riders wanna spend a Chitload of money..I cant see it... but stranger things have happened..
I agree Piggy we would be 12-6 and possibly GC bound with a QB....Crandells proved he is good for a few wins but lacks the Star quality needed to advance.
Hello Mr. Calvillo,Allen,Ray,Maas,Printers,Dickenson,Burris..except for Burris all those others are in a GC position

It has just been announced Shivers got a vote of confidence from the Rider BoD. With him remaining in charge, it will be status quo in Riderville again next season. Same coaching staff, same QBs, same tired old results, a 9-9 record at best, perhaps as bad as 7-11. Some people never learn.

Go Esks

Mixed stories on this, Nitehawk.....this comes out of Regina tonight.....

According to one local radio station's website:

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Shivers Still GM For Now

Roy Shivers is still the Riders GM but as for how much longer that may be the case is anyone's guess. The team's board of directors could not come to a decision on Shivers' future during a Saturday meeting and decided that the best course to take at this time is to run things business as usual. The issue will be revisited once the Grey Cup is over and Shivers has presented a report to the board on the 2005 season and what needs to be done for 2006. In the meantime, Shivers will be headed to Vancouver with Danny Barrett, C-E-O Jim Hopson and board chair Graham Barker for Grey Cup festivities.

It sounds as though no real decisions have been made. I think he'll likely end up staying, though, even though I really wish he wouldn't.