better luck next year Riders

that 80 yard fumble return just summed this season up.

I knew that a few games ago...

we're not going to get to the playoffs with this current squad.

Yup. Kinda takes the wind out of the sails. I mean we have to put up with this until the GC and then if management doesn't make meaningful changes to itself and the team .... Next year maybe a write off, who wants to tune in next year for that?

So the consecutive sell out streak at Mosaic is at risk?

Nope. I've never actually had the privilege of attending a game in Regina albeit I'm a 58 year fan that bleeds green. They will continue to sell out, in my humble opinion, because that is what we do. Fan support has never and never will be an issue. The ability and skill of players, on the other hand, is another question.

i would think the sellout streak is over... The Riders never sold out the playoff game last season, how do you think they will respond after this season?

Training camp starts today! Evaluate talent for the rest of the season, wins are meaningless!

rock where to go but up.

Things that go up, well eventually they come down. We've had a good run for 10 years. Another poster mentioned there is no hope, but I figure there is. Perhaps not this year but there is still hope.

But changes need to happen right away.

Young centre Krausnick Groh gets to play. Parenteau is a 12 yr vet and his recent play has likely played himoff the roster. It can happen. Maybe even play Patrick Neufeld at a tackle spot even though he is more suited for guard.

D-Line. Last 2 weeks reminds me of our first 2-3 games. Remond Willis got absolutley manhandled. he was owned by the stamps. I think his experiment time is over.

What happened to Lemon at DE. He started 3 games ago, not we're back to Remond and I cannot find Lemon on our roster or PR?

Need depth at DB. When Frazier goes down and everything behind him went down.............that is frightening. This team used to thrive on having guys step in and not miss a beat?

Receivers, We've seen what Baker can do. Get another import out there and see what they can do, Freddie Barnes or any of the other newer imports we have.

Hey, if we finish 7th or 8th we are stacked for the draft. Not the result we want but when you finish show, you pick high. I have heard the 2012 draft year is average but there has to be a few good one's in the top 10 seleections, and we'll have 2 of those. Just hope Taman doesn't start trading our drafts away.

Clearly was not around during the barret coaching years. attendance was similar to what toronto has now. I dont think attendance will be an issue in regina, unless they have four seasons in a row like this (wich is only possible in Hamilton). But already we are seeing fewer sask Fans at other teams stadiums during rider away games. should force the other teams to advertise and make their own fans show up.

Tryouts for next year start now!!!

"Fan support has never and never will be an issue. "

I would anticipate an attendance drop, but having the 2013 in Regina will mitigate that to some degree as people that may have dropped season tickets will be more likely to hold onto them.

The Riders of the late 70s to the mid 90s had serious attendance issues. They came dangerously close to folding a few times, and were basically about to announce folding (the last time they flirted with bankruptcy) until the NFL provided the CFL an interest free loan that saved them. They were over their dept limit, could not get more funding and had only enough tickets to play through August.
The team took over merchanising, and that really helped the club out. I believe only the Riders and the Lions run their own merchendising (and suspect ther Argos will be in the next year or 2 if Braley has any long term plans there). The past 5 or so seasons is really where the Riders have turned their books around, and winning was a huge part of that. While I was not a big Shivers fan from a football perspective I admire what he did with the front office...totally reinventing it, and really making the club what it is today. Shivers' downfall was that he refused to cut strings with Danny B, who's time with the club had run its course.
The game day support was dismall, as CHH pointed out, for many moons. Granted, a big part of that can be attributed to not making the post season for a decade, so hopefully this will be a small downturn that much of the fanbase will ride out, BUT, unless there is some showing of improvement that may not last more than 2 seasons.

Disagree. His downfall was butting heads with Hopson. No one but the innermost know the details, but everything was running along until boom, one day he was canned. I cannot believe that it was over firing or not firing his coach. If it was, then I don’t think we would see Hopson so utterly silent these past few months. I also don’t think Barrett would have been kept on when Shivers was shown the door. That makes no sense. Hopson is also a very patient man and Shivers (love him or hate him) has a short fuse and a confrontational personality. We all heard the story Matt Dunigan told about Shivers in BC in the late 80s punching out Steve Burratto, and if you recall Shivers also got into things physicly witha vocal fan at a team dinner/event in Regina. I can only speculate as much you you or anyone else about what may or may not have happened in that office that week. Finally, Hopson has always been a hands-off-the-football-ops prez.

I believe that Shivers’ downfall had little or nothing to do with his football ops skills or his choice of coach. I think it had almost everything to do with his abrasive demeanor.

You don't think Barrett was at the helm too long? How many more 9-9 seasons were you willing to endure?

That, plus the lovein with Nealon Greene was a real head scratcher. When he refused to give Burris starter money, in favor of Greene as his starter, I think really put a dent in his credability at the time. Not to mention the need for a full time lawyer on staff to deal with all the player problems going on, ie. Kenton Keith, Trevis Smith, and I think there were a couple more. I think Hopson is astute enough, that he will replace anything that needs replaceing this off season. I would be very surprised if Womack is not named G.M. by mid Dec./11.

ya that Greene, he must have been one hell of a player if we got rid of Burris and Glenn!


I definitely agree those were factors but I have strong recollection that the club requested Shivers fire Danny and Shivers refused. I think the fact that they improved for 4 years then went downhill played a big factor. 03 was their best year in over a decade, then they slid. My recollection is that the board was concerned about the downward spiral the Riders were in, perpetually failing to live up to most people expectations in the playoffs, and felt Danny had lost his team. They asked that Danny be let go and Shivers openly and publicly refused. The board then gave Hopkins more authority (pres) than Shivers, Shivers bashed Hopkins calling him untrustworthy and that he would not work with him. Shivers was then fired. Danny was told there were 4 games left and if he did not win 3 of 4 he was done. Danny was fired at the end of the season.

I remember being mixed on it. Shivers did a lot for the club, shaping their offices and giving them some competitive seasons. He was set on Danny and often said 'he is a good young black coach with a core of good young black kids playing for him' (I can dig that up if you want). Meanwhile his players were constantly getting into off field trouble (ie Trevis Smith with the aids thing, Keith knocking someone out at the bar). This was a big reason Grabby Magoo Tillman introduced the code of conduct as soon as e started.

I also recall that in his final year that over 1/2 the team's contracts were coming due, and that nobody would resign with him, and he was also like 20% over the non-enforced cap.

Shivers did good things, but nobody liked dealing with him in-house. He really left Tillman in a good spot, and Tillman did what the board wanted....found a new coach, and look what happened. Had Shivers toned down one notch, and either found a new coach or handled it more tactfully he could have built something amazing...check that...he DID build something amazing...something that did win a cup the next year. I never saw Danny as a great coach...great guy and got along well with the players, but he lacked the ability to discipline and elevate, to hold players accountable...that is where Austin was great (and I still believe Dave Dickenson would fit that same mold).


Personally, I feel that if the trigger is going to b pulled it should be done now though. More time for evaluation right. I say fire now and go after Joe if you are going to do it.

Glenn...whatever...Burris, year, I will bite on that though. Good point. I believe a blown salary cap had something to do with it. He was grasping to save coin in all the wrong places after going over buy like 800K

Start some of the young Oline men and let's see how they do? If they can actually force some gaps for the RBs to get some yds, that's all I need to see. Pass protection in not letting guys run around the outside would be great too.