Better late than never


DJ's heartfelt goodbye made me realize that I never actually made my formal exit (or entrance) like I would have wanted to. I've loved my time in Hamilton and for the record it was my first choice to return to Hamilton regardless of the state the team has been in as of late. I would have loved to brave it out and get it turned around with DJ, Brock, Jason, Jesse and Corey etc. The situation being what it was, I felt it was best to make my exit on my own terms to allow me more time to explore other options for a longer period of time as opposed to sitting in limbo until February, which worked out well for all involved. I thank the organization for doing that as well, since they certainly didn't have to.

I've always loved playing in Ivor Wynne both as a visitor and as the home team, and that won't change even on my new team. You guys make this game alot more fun than it should be with your passion for your team as rabid and misdirected as it may be at times. You can tell that it's pride in the city that makes you that way, and I dig it.

For what it's worth, and I to me it is worth something...I'll cherish my time in the hammer in spite of the losses the boo's and in light of the support and few fans that started to come around. I TRULY appreciate ALL of it, even the slamming that I take on this board and the silence that I notice when I play well...(dontcha hate that? So for all of that I sincerely thank you.

I'll see you in a couple of months and I'm sure you'll make me feel just as welcome as if I was still a ticat as only ticat fans can... :wink:

Whatever product ends up on the field this year, try to support them because if they don't have you...who do they have?

Oskee wee wee,

Numero Ocho.

Ocho - Good luck in the future dude. If it doesn't work out drop me a line. I'm putting together a team and need some guys.

Didn't see the Danny Mac deal.

Thanks for posting your articulate and heartfelt message, hueyfreeman (Kamau). Despite the Ticats' trials and tribulations in 2006, you seemed to be playing with a renewed passion for the game by the end of last year and your efforts are appreciated. Best of luck with your new team.

Well said TCTD. Hit the nail on the head!

I will miss at Practice Dude..
I Enjoy Saying Good Morning to you
Talking to you as you Threw the ball with Jason..

Take Care Man

I Also Where my #8 With Pride..
Take Care of Gold Shoe Covers..

Thanks for giving us diehard fans the thumbs up Kamau,

even though you and the receiving corps
took a lot of booing from us last year
for an offence that couldn't produce.

It's not right that you guys
are taking the fall for it now

but that's the way 'the man' sees it.

All the best!

Make Marcel regret his decision.

Thanks for your sincere note huey. I was really disappointed to hear about your release, I thought you were really hitting your stride by the end of the year.

I assume from your message that you have a) been told that the 'Cats don’t intend to try to re-sign you, and/or b) are expecting to sign with another team imminently. Sorry to hear it, but I wish you the best of luck.

I read somewhere you are working on your Ph.D.? If true, good luck with that too, it is a long endurance test, but worth the effort.


Another real, decent, individual and a true CFL'r.

Best of luck to you. :thup:

Best of luck, and thanks a bunch for taking the time to drop us a line. You looked good in Black and Gold. It's often said that timing is everything in life. I can't help but think that had you hit town at another time things might have worked out much different. All the best, and check back now and then. Lay down a big game and I promise to start a post marveling at your talent. Cheers

I've always been a big fan and was never too shy to point out to the naysayers on several sites when you were playing well. :wink: I was very sorry to see you leave and I wish you all the best. General Taylor told me some great things about you and the nice things you did for him. Any team would be lucky to have you.

All the best!! I think you're very talented.

I can’t believe hueyfreeman finally came out of the shadows. You threw a few kind words out there for me on my departure thread, so I thought I would do the same for you.

What everyone in Hamilton doesn’t know is that you are the best teammate anyone could ask for. From keeping me sane when I wanted to snap, (two dismal seasons can make anyone go nuts) to taking the time to teach me how to golf, and for never being too tired to get into the weight room or stay after practice to work on the little things. That is just off the top of my head.

With all that said, good luck playing in… (the secret is safe with me.)

Not to take anything away from Kamau’s moment, but this is probably my last login over here at Someone PMed me a link to, so I’ll be making my debut over there in the near future. So feel free to come over and check things out from time to time.

Kamau, DJ....stop guys know that if you burn us with 3 touchdowns at Ivor Wynne you'll be right back in here rubbing it in!

..but very touching posts nonetheless....tissue anyone?

(the above was posted with tongue firml planted in cheek while laughing my butt off)

Serious, good luck you two and remember, once a Tiger-Cat, always a Tiger-Cat!

Addendum to last post:

What was I thinking?....neither one of you guys will burn us for 3 touchdowns because our "D" is going to have you guys laying on your butts all game......take that !

Huh?..Huh?....what do you guys think of that eh?...

:wink: :lol:

I look forward to reading your posts on DJ. Best of luck to both you and Kamau. You're both among my favourite players. I'll miss you both.

he was our obly guys last year who made big plays if u ask me, letting him go was stupid plus hes canadian? ouch. neways dude take it ease and i hope u kill it this year.

Thanks and good luck where ever you go.