Better hope Lions don't Hire Shivers!

Rumours going around that the Lions may Hire Roy Shivers..


I hope they aren't serious!

I hope they don't hire Shivers, but Wally and him do have some history, so you never know.

Yes there is history there. I too hope it doesn't happen.

Chapdelaine is back. Thats another move I don't really like.

BC fans please educate me. Who was your OC when Printers had his MOP season, was it Buratto or Chapdelaine?

I hope Shivers does not go to the Lions, he will be a big distraction never did care for him much

I have mixed feelings. I didn't like Shivers in Regina but he has a reputation for finding players and in the proposed Lions job he won't be a front man ---I don't recall ever hearing Obie once in an interview during his stint with the Lions.

I look at it this way : when Obie came back I thought it was a bad hire --- he had once let Doug Flutie go, a disaster to the franchise. But he did a great job so perhaps Shivers can prove me wrong too.

I'm thinking Burrato....Chapdelaine was only here for 2005 and 2006.....I think.

Chapdelaine was here in '04 just not as O-C . Although rumour has it he gradually was pushing Burrato out of that position as the season progressed . By the '04 Grey Cup game he was pretty much the O-C .

As far as Shivers goes , he has been player personnel for the Lions in the past already before he went on to Calgary in the same position. He did a good job then for both Calgary and BC , so I can't see any problem for him to be here at that position again.

He's not going to be a front man like he was in Regina and will not be the same as he was there either. WB still calls the shots here , Roy's job will be just tracking down players and will stay behind the scenes . I think he will be a good fill in for Obie. As a recruitment guy ,even most Rider fans seem to give him credit for doing a good job on that front .

Its almost official....CKNW reported that the signing will take place early next week.


Chapdelaine will come back as a Receivers Coach. That I could handle, Offensive Coordinator I couldn't.

Done deal.

So glad that the Lions have re-hired Roy Shivers. He is a great judge of talent and his connections and network in the US is outstanding. He and Wally make a great team

At least we have Wally as a filter. Unlike in Sask where Shivers could bring anyone he wanted. Shivers is a great judge of talent but a terrible judge of character.

Good post Dan! Roy can bring them here, but Wally gets the last say!