Better get your Tickets for Edmonton

The Next Home Game will be Blackout
I Fairly Sure of .
Edmonton is a great Draw
Plus after Going Toe to Toe with Roughiees
Maybe some Fans will Understand the not Team from Last year or the year before..

This Teams has character Heart and Will to win.
Please come out Support Them buy a Ticket or two.

I am sure that this loss will eat at the Guys
We should get Great Effort in Cowtown.
Wish I could go :frowning:

Character, Heart and a will to win??????
The record is 1-2 and if the "D" plays against Calgary they way they did against a banged up Rider offence the game won't even be close. Coming home 1-3. Getting tickets...No problem.

U know what im tired of ppl like u our defence played a good game against a team that has more weapons then DJ Flick and Marcus Crandal last i checked isnt this the same team thats 3-0 and won the Grey Cup last year wait it must have been the other riders

Character - yes. Heart - yes. Will to win - yes. They kept fighting to the very end, and the last play by Bradley was a fantastic heads up play. The guy chased the ball carrier 60 yards downfield to make that play. If that's not character, heart and a will to win, then I don't know what is. Calgary will be a tough game for sure. But these Cats can play against anybody.