Better Flow of Games

I have really noticed over the past two weeks that the flow of games is much better.

Fewer penalties, fewer challenges. Much quicker decisions. Just so much better.

Do others notice this as well?

Well I certainly noticed it in person at the Ti-Cats game Friday night - especially compared to the absurdity of our August 20th home game against the Riders - where at one point in the 3rd quarter we went almost 14 minutes in real time to watch about 6 football plays.

We actually went almost an entire half without a penalty or any other kind of delay Friday nght. And that was noticed by numerous fans around me because we were all commenting favourably about that fact.

Those of us who spend our own money to support the league very much appreciated that. :slight_smile:

I have noticed also, even the challenge rulings on PI and contact from the command center seem to be a little more forgiving.

Agreed. Much better.

Definitely, the referees seen to be calling the game again , that’s the best way to do it, not many delays in the games like previously.

The players will deserve some credit here too....they've played enough games now where they're starting to get into a good groove and will commit less fouls...thus, less penalties.