Better East vs West

New to the forum. Looking forward to a great Grey Cup.

I watched the game with a large group of friends that topped out at close to 20 guys. Most are diehard
NFL fans. They all enjoyed the game today. A few commented on having too many Two And Outs in Canadian football. But overall there are likely some converted fans or least some that will go to games next year. We've already discussed going to a game next year to tailgate now that the Argos allow tailgating.

The manager of the bar said Thank God the Argos won. He said no one would book parties in his pub if the Argos didn't make it. He said it has to be an Eastern based team playing a Western based team to fill it up with CFL fans in West downtown Toronto. I felt the same way. I prefer the East vs West. Not a fan of the crossover.Looking forward to next week. GO ARGOS!!!

I agree with you. I hate the Argos, but I love the CFL more than I hate the Argos, and I prefer east-west.

(Plus I’m pretty sure they will lose next week anyway. I’d rather the Grey Cup be a Stampeders intra-squad game than see the Argos define that trophy again.)

Clearly I’m conflicted.

Until they put a 5th team out east they should keep the crossover rule.

I doubt the bars are filled with Argo fans when they can't fill a stadium for a playoff game . Insanity keep doing the same things and expect different results .

I also doubt the bars are filled for Ottawa ,Montreal or Hamilton playing versus any of the western teams . You either like the CFL or you don't .

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Well at least some people in Toronto realize they don't actually have a real NFL team, all their watching and following the NFL, and I do follow the NFL BTW and the CFL, hey I'm not bright but am able to multitask on this basic level 8), have a pro team in the Argos that are able to win their own country's national football championship Grey Cup that dates back to 1909 and before that.

At least. :stuck_out_tongue:

But is there such thing as a virtual team if your city doesn't actually have a real team? I guess in this day and age the difference between "virtual" and "real" is very messy. :-* Sort of like a particle can be a mass or a wave. Ok, won't go there. 8)

Time to read about the anthropic principle and multiverses, while I grab another brew. :-*

Even with a 5th team in the East there still will be a crossover rule. It's there to help ease the inequity of a 4th-place team having a better record than a 3rd-place team.AnEastern team could go west. It's just never happened.

this is what most were saying a year ago before the RedBlacks won the Grey Cup ::slight_smile: 8)

Has any East team ever come close to crossing over?

None yet

Yeah for sure the place we were at was not filled with just Argos fans. Many were there for the Bills or Patriots games. And I agree to an extent with your other comment. My buddies have no issue watching The Flames play the Oilers but not much to watch Stamps vs Eskimos. But they will watch the Argos. So in a way you're wrong as well. They are fans only when they want to be.

But it's Toronto and it's a start. My buddies watched a full CFL game and they will all be watching next week.

In what other league does the playoff format make it IMPOSSIBLE for the best two teams in the regular season to make it to the final.
The three best teams in the league were faced with a format that had to eliminate two of them before playing the best of the 4th to 6th playoff in the east.


Nobody's wrong your right in spirit but the issues of the CFL are systemic with old system that is out grown itself in the early 80's and never adjusted . They are trying with Ambrosie and a new team will help but they need to see the league like the old NHL . One league one division until they get it big enough .

Sometimes having too much of anything even good things are bad for you . Wouldn't it have been better if Toronto hosted when they were good enough to host a playoff and not just because they are west of Winnipeg . If you devalue something ( a bye plus home field advantage )it weakens the system and causes it to rot out .

My friends and relatives noticed this and the common fan notices it too and hurts the image of the leagues competitive credibility . If things don't change you will lose guys like me soon and I am probably the most die hard you can get but as I said this is insanity if we keep doing the same things and expect different results .

Maybe let the Toronto , Montreal , Ottawa and Hamilton compete like adults and not like a kids soccer league and we may get those stadiums filled again with a legitimate regular season that means something .

It can happen in any league.

NHL it's possible the best regular season teams can be in the same division and one will be out in the second round.

NBA, MLB, NFL, OHL's possible the best two regular season teams be in the same conference or league in baseball's case and they couldn't meet in the finals.

can happen with every league that has more than 1 division

Twice before. 1998, Winnipeg (when they were in the East Division) finished fourth with 12 points, same record as the third place team in the West, the Edmonton Eskimos, and in 2015, fourth place Montreal (with 12 points) finished 2 points back of third place B.C. (which had 14 points).

WOW!! I bet you could hear the crickets chirping after you hit the post button. Either that or it sailed over everyones head, much like the intent of the OPs thread.

Uhm...every other league?

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Now, now, you're only stupid if you fail to learn from your mistakes..

If I just keep reading what you post, I don't have to post anything. You keep taking the words out of my mouth.... Where's that 'Thumbs Up' thing ? Surely we can get one of those.

Yeah, even in NCAA the best two teams in a Conference can be in the same division.

The Big Ten West sucks. The SEC East sucks. The old Big XII North was putrid.

One of the CIS/USports conferences could have the two best teams, and only one would even make it to the Final Four.