Better Alternative Naming Poll

I just felt a more balanced poll might be called for.

Just so you know, you have 2 votes.


This is my favourite poll so far :slight_smile:

Looks like you can drop Rough Riders off the list of team names.

Well you can cross off the Rough Rider name

[url=] ... clip327920[/url]

if not hyperlinked copy and paste this to your address bar at the top of your screen and watch the video....

I will support the team no matter what the name is, but I truly hope we can get enough support towards the return of our ONLY name which is the Ottawa Rough Riders!!! Please bring back the white red and black.
I am sorry Sask fans but I just dont see the big deal with having 2 teams with similar ( not the same ) names!! :?

Anyone who is in favor of the return of our Rider name please fell free to sign my online petition…

I like the:

Ottawa Log Drivers (Drivers for short)


Ottawa Birlers

Definition of Birler is "one who revolves a floating log by treading"

After all, I do believe that the old Rough Riders name was in reference to riding logs down the Ottawa River, which is probably pretty rough, so in keeping with that theme I think these names are ideal... Although I could be wrong about the meaning of Rough Rider.

What Canadian over the age of 30 doesn't remember this....

Your poll fails to recognize that the Hunt group will be marketing the team to the Ottawa-Gatineau markets. The team name has to be marketable to both the english and french markets, pc or not... so it shouldn't and won't be a uni-lingual name like 'Rifleman' ... :cowboy:

Nope your right dude that's what it means cause the Roughriders of Saskatchewan mean in a brief description breaking in the Wild Broncos so if we were ever to change our name but still keep the history it would probably be the Wild Broncos or Broncos but then Calgary would put up a fuss because Stampeders - Broncos

Actually, I've heard that the name Rough Riders and the black, red and white colours is a tribute to an American cavalry regiment from the Spanish-American war (1898) that was called the Rough Riders and used those colours.

I think the colours are but the name is not. I've never seen it myself but I read that there's some indication of the name Rough Riders being used prior to the club being made official in 1876, so it does seem to have just been a local term.

"The Situation" from Jersey Shore Season 2 has the following about the Rough Rider name...

"Everybody loves the Rough Rider name, babies, dogs, ya know, hot girls, cougars. It just has unbelievable mass appeal.

I too support the return of the Rough Riders. I will not support any other team!!!

Ottawa Ruffians.

Ottawa Rangers
Ottawa Rapids

You've got the double R, football term (Rush...) and Rapids denotes speed but also SUGGESTS the log driver theme many seem to like.

or OTTAWA RAPID RIDERS. Same deal but also pays homage to the the former name and legacy.

This suggestion is different enough from Roughriders to not be a problem. No one confuses the Red Sox and
the White Sox or takes issue with the same sir name.

P.S. Is it possible to place Rapid Riders in the poll?

It is much different with the White Sox/Red Sox names. Both teams were formed around the same time (under the names Red Stockings and White Stockings). It was an old way to differentiate the teams. There was also the Cleveland Brown Stockings. However, with the Ottawa RoughRiders situation, SSK has priority over the name, and is not willing to give it up. I am sure if Chicago lost the White Sox (which, hopefully, would never happen), Boston would be granted priority over the SOX name, and would not give it to Chicago when they came back in.

And A: RED SOX and WHITE SOX are slightly different names. ROUGHRIDERS and ROUGH RIDERS are the same names.
B: Major League baseball is a league with 30 teams, in which they can get away with two teams having SLIGHTLY similar names. The CFL is an 8 (well, 9 with Ottawa) team league, and two teams with the same name in this day and age looks bad. And since Boston and Chicago both held on to their respected teams, no one can take the rights away from them.

geoffyguy, I think you may have misread my post, my name suggestion is Ottawa RAPID Riders not Rough Riders.
While the name hearkens back to the old Rough Rider name and pays homage to it, it has a completely different meaning. Rapid Riders denotes speed but also suggests the historical log driver theme. Besides it rolls off the tongue nicely.

You're right, I did.
But still, the point can get across to the people who think bringing back Rough Riders would work.
But thanks for pointing that out.

I have not been keeping up with Ottawa's CFL team hope and/or new stadium and i sure hope you guys get a team back sooner than later and actually gain new fans because The RR and Renegades had nothing but bandwagon jumping/fairweather fans and i know Ottawa fans are better than that (been to a few Sens games) :thup:

Once you get a team back Our Bombers can go back to the west where we belong, now if QC and Maritimes get teams as well i m not sure how that is going to work but we don't have to worry aout that for at least 5 years :lol: :lol:

Good luck to Ottawa (insert team name here) and we look foward to seeing you :lol: in the near future :rockin: