Bethel-Thompson: 'We found out we have heart today'

CALGARY — There was something that happened on the fourth quarter, game-tying play that really impressed McLeod Bethel-Thompson on Saturday night.

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The Toronto Argonauts were very lucky to secure the victory against the Calgary Stampeders home debut. They outplayed the Argos the entire game, but a costly fumble by Ka'Deem Carey in the 4th quarter

resulted in a tying touchdown by the Argos two plays later. The Argos would add a game winning 32 yard field goal by Boris Bede to secure the huge victory !

It was a close game without. (They outplayed them the whole game) not even close buddy

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Calgary was in full control of this one; as they are in most games. The Carey fumble and 2 untimely penalties helped the Argos, no question
Stamps will be fine

Credit where credit is due. Argos put up more offence. Ex-Stamps played large role. Argos had over 180 YAC. Outplayed them? I don't believe in moral victories. The team up north can tell you that.


Fair enough, but a large part of TO offense game on that opening drive, and a sure sign that the Stamps are in control is the time of possession- that is the Stamps signature! Take a look at that. I'm not taking credit away form the Argos and I'm not saying the Stamps are prefect, they need to get better and will!

Time of possession IS a big thing. But Stamps were 6th in 2019 ( stats) with 29:34 minutes. Elks had 35 minutes over Ottawa & allowed 94 net yards. Nice thing to pin up on the wall if you want. Gotta score. Only stat that counts for both teams - 0-1, tied for last with BC. That's how it works. I don't think the Argos or RB's care. They won - no apologies needed for that, Stallion. Get ready for BC without Reilly.

2019 is history and by the Calgary Stampeders standard an off year at 12-6 and a hair away form another 1st place, instead of having it wrapped up by Labour Day. If you are concluding the 2021 CFL season based on where we stand after week one, you are entitled to do so. But as we know the most important games are the west Vs west games.

No I don't give much weight to the 1st game. But I give NO weight to 2019 or any other year before that. But if you want to talk 2019 - OK 12-6, 0-1 in semi, no West final, no GC appearance. It has nothing to do with this year as COVID, injuries, scads of new players can testify. As for the West vs West games, yes they are important. Calgary went 8-2 vs the West in 2019. But 4-4 vs the East, thus no 1st place, no bye, Beating the East should be important, no?

You are so pedantic! I never said eastvs west wasn't important. I merely said west vs west is MORE important- and you know it. Yeah Calgary lost badly in WSF, as I said it was an off year. My point being (and again you know this) was Calgary's off years are still pretty decent season's by other teams standards. 12-6 is still pretty ydarn good regular season.
Stamps will be just fine. This would mark the 26th time in 31 seasons the Stamps have finished no worse than 2nd in west! Pretty amazing hey?

I think Mcleod should simply say "there ya go .".. after a win .

I thought this one was genuinely digging deep unlike another guy preaching about character. A win on the road against a tough opponent like this? I'm okay with his comments as they are but no doubt to your point they are onto the next one anyway.

The game at Winnipeg on Friday night is shaping up to be a great one.


Good with his comments .

I Just like his first name and tie it in with an old TV cowboy cop show of the 70's and his calling card saying " there yah go '.

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good ole Chester

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Probably more know Dennis better in that role .


I actually liked him better as McLoud. One of my all time fav characters and shows.

I was more partial to Festus than Chester, but Chester was still good

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Outplayed entire game?
They had 1 TD is 2nd Quarter

As well BT had WAYYYY better stats than Mitchell did

Only reason game was even close was Calgary had a solid run and Argos made a couple of costly mistakes

Otherwise the Argo win would have been even more lopsided

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Look, I get it. The Stamps have been good for a long time. Hamilton had a streak of going to 9 Cups in 11 years. Edmonton went to 11 in 12 years, 13 in 15 years & won 9 Cups. Finished 1st or 2nd in 29 of 36 years. They went to 3 Cups, won 2 from 2002-2005. What did 2005 or that 36 year run have to do with 2006? Apparently nothing. I'm not saying Calgary can't keep it going. All I'm saying is the Argos won & don't have to justify it to me. Maybe next week the Stamps win. Go Stamps.

No arguement that the Argos played a better game than the Stamps. Stats and score attest to that. When you read the Article did you see how BT emblished the playing of Eric Rodgers and his important block? You know where Rodgers learned those playing techniques? Right! In Calgary! The same for a slew of other x-stamp players that helped on both sides of the line seal the victory. So Argos have bought the majority of their talent, the Stamps are building new talent.
Hey look how Hughes was during that game. a number of penalties and no sacks. He is old, moves way slower these days and should retire. Those X-Stamps are running out of time too. Calgary has the youngest team in the CFL, bar none. Future looks great for Calgary !
Calgary will get better but Argos have only the down direction for the future (not necessarily close future but future). Especially with the kind of fan turnout the Argos draw.

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Hmm. The old man forced a fumble & recovered it. The old guys were on the field for over 3 minutes eating up yardage for the winning FG. You can't stop them when the game is on the line, you shouldn't make excuses. It's one game. Jeez. Argos beat the Stamps fair & square. Show some respect.