Bethel-Thompson to start over James Franklin vrs ORB's next week

Mike Hogan?
#Argos head coach Marc Trestman has announced QB McLeod Bethel-Thompson will start this week vs Ottawa. #CFL
11:09 AM - 29 Jul 2018

Alouette fans who of course loved AC the QB, did have questions about his coaching abilities both as Offensive Co-Ordinator and QB coach with the Als. Although admittedly under dysfunctional circumstances with all the coaching changes he was faced with.

However, with Franklin`s lack of progress under his QB coach Calvillo, the questions have to be asked again.

Big fan of MBT, he's from the Sacramento area and has paid his dues in the football world.

That said, this is a stupid move. It's incredibly obvious to me Franklin isn't the problem. Maybe I'm in the minority here.

The Argos need receiver help, this won't do much. How is Bakari Grant not signed by someone yet? He was a 1000-yard receiver last year.


So you bench your starter now but last game don't even give the back-up a single snap? Makes sense. ::slight_smile:

What is it with some of the NFL-pedigree coaches and their reluctance to pull a guy who's clearly struggling?

I don't mind it. Name him for Thursday, so taking first team reps. Perhaps a shake-up will provide a spark for a victory.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.
In starting B-T, I hope the dink and dunk stuff goes out with Franklin.
We have to attack vertical.
As for the crowd for the Thursday night game, all bets are off as a new low mark of less than 10K may be involved.

The undisciplined play shows me that Trestman has lost control. Get rid of Heath because he can’t be tamed ?.. Although you did get a specimen with Bomben ! He was expendable due to the gift from Hamilton.

Trestman like a few other so called successful coaches can only win when they have all the right pieces already in place. He can’t come in and build a team. Last year was a fairy tale ending.

...or a nightmare, it all depends on perspective...

I think James Franklin might have more opportunities playing in the AAF or XFL once they launch.

That only works when you have receivers who can get open.

Gotta have time to get the ball away too.

Honestly, how often has Franklin had a clean pocket to throw the ball in?

Well Said. Toronto is lucky to have these two QB's

How has Qb's in Montreal, Hamilton, Ottawa, BC, Sask done. All struggling in a tough league.
Qb's generally need good players to win. However any of the teams above could win it all
with time and a few extra key players.

Too many qbs in this league with multiple names.

Wow, this guy surprised me, he seemed to figure something out by halftime, Great comeback, now to see if he can keep it up. Trestman sure seems to know offence, . Looks like franklin will be sitting again.

I'm here to eat crow too.

Love James Franklin, but MBT had a tremendous second half.

It's not at all surprising. He's 30 years old and been around football a very long time.

Balboa High School!!!!

...says a guy named east van mark...