Bethel-Thompson to start for Boatmen in Calgary

AUGUST 5, 2021

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Here come the Argo losses again with MacBeth starting.
I like him but he just can't win any games.

Here's hoping you're right and the Stamps perform as normal and grab the Win. But MacBeth is only 1 player on the team and he does have a new coach and lots of X-Stampeders on the active roster. The Coach actually calls the plays, Thompson gets the plays from the bench. If (as I hope) Argos lose it is because they play the mighty Stamps, not necessarly because of Thompson.

MacBeth is a good passer . His problem has been telegraphing his throws.

stamps don't look very mighty.
look like the choker teams of the last 7-8 years,
oh well - you guys did win 2 x in all those great seasons.
the argos also won 2x. ha ha

get over yourself and give up the sour grapes - it's been 4 years