Bethel-Thompson not playing on Sunday?

He broke CFL Covid protocols by attending Raptors game. Sent home from practice on Friday and must sit out 4 days in quarantine. Let's see if league sticks to its rules.

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Wow, How the heck did he not know this, ????

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If it wasn’t for the fact that he appeared on camera, would the CFL officials address this in any timely manner?

I doubt it.

It's simple, really.
Argos Suck!

4 day quarantine, He's out for the East final....truly unbelievable...

He went at the behest of MLSE. They really do want to kill the Argos…don’t they

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Man Oh Man, you sure have to wonder,


What a moron!

If he was sent by the Ownership to try and boost tickets they too are Morons

Previous to this action from MLSE, I thought most of the posts calling them out as trying to kill Argos/CFL was just sour grapes.

I hope MLSE is held responsible for their involvement in this matter.

MLSE should have to pay a $1BILLION dollar fine to the CFL


That evens the playing field. With Macbeth out both teams will be starting backup QBs. Pipkin and masoli


MBT not at practice. Pipkin running offense.

Somebody is going to have to explain how going to an arena that observes Covid protocols is a violation but going to a public restaurant and spending night in drunk tank isnt.




The CFL and MLSE have different policies on players ?

I believe it is C.F.L. protocol for all teams to follow, been in place all season .

The policies on players would be governed by the CBA I would think

But if he was told by his employer to do something ?

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Yeah that will be real interesting of how the conversation played out. I find it hard to put the blame on MBT as you said, doing what we was told.

Just to think, we could have had Arbuckle too.....

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