Bethel-Thompson in question!

Well here could be a game changer for Ti-Cat Argo Game! He may have to miss a start due to Covid regulations mishap.

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In my opinion, like most things, football is both mental and physical. I look at it as MBT having to go on the one game injured list because of a mild brain injury. Unfortunate for Argo fans and I wouldn’t want this to happen to any team. It looks like the road to the Cup just got considerably easier for the Ticats.

If the CFL doesn’t stick to its rules, the rules that everyone is required to follow, it will be the biggest bush league amateur hour move by the CFL in decades and I certainly at the very least wouldn’t watch the East Final as a result.

I don’t know how MBT is going to spin his brain injury, but this reminds me of Dustin Johnson foolishly not having read the rules posted in the locker room at the 2010 PGA championship and grounding his club in the sand and missing the playoff as a result of the two stroke penalty he took. That was far more penal than what awaits MBT as he is only one member of a team. It was also completely unintentional. DJ made no excuses and took it like a man. Let’s hope MBT does so as well.

But did his PGA sponsors tell Justin Johnston to go ahead and do it for them .

I’m sorry but I don’t follow what you are trying to say.

All good Jon . :grinning:

but MBT was told to go to the game by management of the Argos and MLSE .

So to use your equivalent story of DT at the PGA event That would be like the sponsors of the PGA event telling DT to do the same thing to break a rule for them and then blaming him after for doing it .

But the story is hard to line up as equal as one is actual game rules while the other is a special rule while on your own time in place for health reasons just for this season .

I just read now that he was invited to the game by the brass. But surely they knew the rules as well?

The rule that caught DJ was also only a one time special rule he unknowingly breached it because he didn’t read the rules in the locker room.

But golf has integrity. Apparently the CFL doesn’t. The whole thing has a very bad look I would say.

It is strange .

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this poor left out thread needs to catch up to the other ones on this topic :slight_smile:

it will be alright . . .all good.