Beswick to retire

Just reported on The Score. He will be missed on special teams

Didn't he sign a new contract in the off-season? I wonder if it was a health related decision?

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I guess his body has worn down some. All the best Marc. I hope you have a healthy, happy and long retirement. :thup: :thup: :thup:

Special teams assistant coach in the future?

All the best Marc in your career and life off the field, we enjoyed watching you play and give 110% as a Tiger-Cat!!


He just signed an extension last season that would have ended after the 2016 season.
He had the best Special teams tackles in the league in 2013 so his contract was probably close to the $80K to $100K range
He will be missed, He bleeds Black and Gold!

A great special teamer, whose play and leadership will certainly be missed. Wish he'd got a ring to take with him into retirement.
By the numbers, if I'm counting correctly, Beswick's retirement sets up the start of camp with exactly the limit of 75 players, plus 12 non-counters:
6 - 2015 draftees - Archambault, Ellefesn, English, Huggins, Langa, Omara
3 - 2014 draftees who didn't attend last year's camp - Gill, Girard, Mawa
1 - '14/'15 undrafted - Williams
2 - veterans rehabbing off-season injuries - Gaydosh, Watt

Great player, Great Leader, Great Tiger Cat.

Enjoy your retirement, Marc. You’ve more than earned it.

We’ll miss you.