whos the best canadian O-lineman?????

Brian Chiuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

2004 & 2005 lineman of the year Gene Makowsky.

Pick from any of the Rider or Alouette O-lineman and you have your answer. Makowsky, O'Day, Chui or Flory.

...give this guy a little time and he'll be the best...young ..and almost made player of the week ....
....OBBY KHAN....a solid Canadian 'o' lineman :thup:

is he canadian? or is he an import? have to be joking....Canadian man...and a good one...He'll be no 1 in the league shortly...and just one of the reasons the Bombers have turned things around.. :rockin:

I thought he knew everything about football Pappa.....jj sambo... lol :lol:

no way a bomber player picked a bomber.....that was so way out of left field, srry kahn isnt the best or near the best, the best is makowsky,flory,o'day,chiu

actually the best oline right now belongs to Calgary, they have the second most rushing yards and have given up the fewest sacks and I am pretty sure all 5 starters are Canadian......

papa plays for the bombers! no way! :lol: khan is a good lineman, premier lineman of the future which is why he was 2nd in the dispersal draft

Chiu, O'Day,

...just make reference to my post in the future there rawrayaintnorookie...i said he's got the talent to be no 1 in the future..and by the never mention how good any of the Esks. are that;s for only pump the whole :lol: :lol:

Really? How many sacks did the conceed? Because Calvillo was sacked only 4 times this season and I thought that was a league's best.

Among the Als o-linemen, Scott Flory, Brian Chiu, Luke Fritz and Paul Lambert are Canadians.

Calgary and Montreal are tied at 4 sacks apiece, with Hamilton at 5. Montreal has played one less game though.

Of course, pleople don't bother sacking Jason Maas, for he doesn't need to be pressured to throw away from his receivers... :wink:

its weird jason maas is 0-4 and hes playing better then calvillo, weird huh

It takes more than a quarterback to win games.

i know but third is bad mouthing maas, yet his qb has sucked the hin tit all season