Best & Worst TD celebrations.

Although I generally do not like any choreographed TD celebrations and I really hate guys celebrating every first down, there are some that I don’t mind, Geroy Simon’s is simple, not choreographed which I don’t mind. In Calgary during the pre-Huff days, I felt guys were getting carried away with the dances and I really hate B.C.'s current choreographed group routines. I will however just deal with individuals. I for the most part like the guys who toss the ball to the ref and act like they’ve been there before but if they must do something here are my choices for best and worst.

Best- Hugh Charles, simple, athletic and solo.

Worst- Greg Ellingson, ridiculous, stupid and juvenile.

The best is Dave Stala's Hackey Sack

I dont mind when they jump up into the fans, sortof. Sure the fans like it.

I liked when a st louis receiver made a game winning td at the end of the game and kept running thru the endzone into the locker rooms.

...I personally felt that in 2008 when Jermaine Copeland caught that one pass which resulted in a first and Goal against the bombers and then choreographed the entire first act of of Les Miserables was inappropriate...

anything that takes more than 5 seconds is inappropriate.

Boat..... nuff said

your vote for worst...right?

The Boat and Stala's Hackey Sack Two of the BEST EVER !!!!! ......nuff said :rockin: :smiley: :slight_smile:

I liked the boat. Yes, it deserved a penalty, but it was still good. :smiley:

It has been done before, not original but definitely idiotic. Why that type of trash is allowed to go without a penalty is simply wrong. Before anybody compares to the No Fun League. That type of thing is not fun it is stupid.

Your kidding right?????? When exactly was this done before????? Not Original ????? I beg to's about a link to when this ever happened before......CFL/NFL/NCAA/CIS.....Somebody parking a boat in an endzone,and players celebrating by jumping into it.One I can guarantee,that if this was your Stamps doing this,you would have thought it to be hilarious,innovative and fun.That interception and celebration was a response from the players,to making the play-offs after 4 years of frustration in missing the play-offs.One has to ask oneself,just what the frig was a boat doing in the endzone in the first place.As for penalties,I'm pretty sure that we got one for that incident,and several of our players were subsequently fined for it. :wink: :smiley: :lol:

The Stamps did the same thing years ago in the pre-Huff days with Copeland et-al. No I can't provide a clip if it is that important that you need proof you find it, I don't have time. I criticized it then as well, choreographed routines have no place in football and B.C. did not get penalized or fined for the play in question. I should play your sand lot game and ask for a link. :wink: . As for parking a boat, I am not sure that the imaginary boat I am talking about was parked. If your referring to a different routine where there was an actual boat, we are not on the same page. I could agree with originality if that were the case.

I liked the boat. Kabongo standing at the back and flapping his arms around was priceless.

So be it, I just don't happen to like watching grown men make fools of themselves. Guess I am just to grown up. :cowboy:

Some of the post TD antics I find hilarious and quite creative. If they need to get rid of something it's when a player leaps into the stands to let fan supporters maul him for a few seconds. In my opinion [and it's just an opinion] the player who does that is putting too much of the spot light on himself and making it all about himself rather than a total team effort. Sure he caught the ball in the end zone or ran it into the end zone but 11 other guys were involved in making it happen.

I also think such a gesture takes away from the professional decorum of professional sport. The field of play is for the players. The stands are for the fans. It should stay that way. If you notice,the Stamps are shown the most in this video. :) :lol: Ride em Cowboy!!!! :lol: Heres the boat ride one more time!!!! :rockin:

The one with Kabongo was funny,but the Cats used an actual boat parked in the endzone.

So you think that 4 idiots playing in an imaginary boat with a couple of others swimming in an imaginary lake along side displays "professional decorum" :lol:

Guess my sense of humour does not include idiocy or obsessive profanity for that matter.

Please don't show a link to that one, I find that the best think to do when my Grandchildren are acting immature is just to ignore them.

Anything choreographed :thdn:

Spike the ball, celebrate (modestly) with the fans, or drop it and walk away because you've been there before and you'll be there again :thup:

Handing the ball to Anderson.

Worthy of a penalty? Yes

Totally worth it? Yes