Best/worst run CFL cities

MacLean's apparently has an article about a survey done by the Atlantic Institute about the best/worst run cities in Canada. I found it interesting. There lots of supporting data to go along with it too for all the sceptics, so I suggest at least looking it over before being too defencive about how your city was ranked.

The article about the MacLean's piece:

The rankings for CFL cities are:

  1. Vancouver
  2. Toronto
  3. Calgary
  4. Hamilton
  5. Ottawa
  6. Regina
  7. Edmonton
  8. Winnipeg
  9. Montreal

In my estimation, there doesn't seem to be a huge difference between Vancouver and Montreal, but I haven't read all the supporting docs either. Looking at the list in total, I doubt there are any really bad places, but I haven't been to quite a few of them, let alone lived there for very long.

Anybody have any thoughts on this?

Having been born there and lived there for 25 years, I can say that Winnipeg was (and most likely still is) a complete mess. That Montreal is ranked lower makes me very frightened. However, now that I live in the USA, Chicago (despite all its cultural and sports attractions) ranks lower by far than Winnipeg IMO.

Well, I can't comment on a lot of the cities because I've either never been there for much of a long time or at all.

Edmonton definitely deserves to be there.. and the number one reason???

Absolutely AWFUL Road design and terrible transit service!

For the longest time, the city of Edmonton has had terrible ability to get to where you wanna go! They're only now finally catching up, and they won't be finished till 2015.. The new Ring road is 1/2 done and it does make it much easier to get around the city.. but once you get off that Ring Road.. the rest is a complete joke! I have traveled through the city everywhere many times and the ability to get Downtown fast and efficient is non existent!

Now here's something. If the Oilers plan on building a new Arena Downtown.. the ability to get to the Arena from the outskirts will be difficult! especially when everyone is trying to get there all at once.

The parking at Commonwealth is non existent but at the same time, they have ingeniously created a good system of having the transit system deliver the fans to the game!

that's probably the only good thing.

How can you justify putting Burnaby at the top of the list and exclude Mississauga? That's silly.

Dunno Tecmo - I'd have to drill down into the data to find the reasoning for that.

I will agree with Edmonton - at least as I remember it. Of course it never had the LRT or even a freeway to the North end when I lived there. To get across town would take a very long time. I think it's probably much improved by now.

Wow... I miss the good driving in Edmonton. I used to have to drive all over the city taking my son to hockey games and it was an easy drive... as long as I had the map for the very end when I got off the nice wide avenues tat run everywhere.

I'm NOT an Edmontonian - just lived there 5 years ('95-'00) - but as someone who has lived in every region but one of Canada - for a city its size the driving seemed great.

I echo that sentiment, I have never lived in Edmonton but have been down many times for various weekends and sporting events and always found driving around very easy compared to Calgary.