Best/worst CFL uniforms of 2019

How are Toronto’s 2019 uniforms not also the exception?

I’m really glad that Edmonton went back to their old away colour scheme and ditched the weird green shoulder look that tried to emulate their home jersey’s. Winnipeg kind of does this on their white jerseys as well and I’m not a fan.

I wish the Riders would wear their retro jerseys full time, far far nicer than their regular one’s.

What are they trying to do with those shoulder blue on the White jerseys? The Bombers have a nice away jersey if you just get rid of that.

Missed that, thanks.

My point is complaining about nothing changing doesn’t make sense when they said they wouldn’t change for the first year of the deal. So that three did is bonus (well, or not, if you liked the old ones)

Note to the designer of the Tiger-Cats unis.

Plain black pants or plain white pants on the road don’t work.

Needs some kind of striping down the pant leg. Or striped socks. Gold pants would work well too.

My sentiments exactly. The new logo is so eye-catching yet they underutilize it.

Yes, having the logo on the crown of the helmet is innovative. But is that
really necessary ? Football fans aren’t really in search of the non-obvious.

This photo brings out the the lack of obviousness. Can anybody see the logo ?

Not one team has a white helmet, and 5 of the 9 have black (or indigo blue).
There’s kind of too much uniformity among the uniforms, if you ask me. Also,
I kind of like stripes. The helmet stripe is either considered old fashioned, or
else to emphasize the traditional colour scheme. Either way, it works for me.

So while overall I like the new-look Alouettes uniforms, they did
make a clean break from the past, with practically no white in the
scheme, aside from the jersey numbers. To me at least, it’s bad to
not have any visual references to the past – the team was born
73 years ago. All other teams (except Ottawa) have a template
and stick with it. The galloping horse, the W, the etc.

In judging the uniforms, I like the 5-element yardstick used
by Jim Mullin quite a few years ago. He considered Tradition,
Functionality, Continuity, Originality, and Balance to get an
overall score. Better that than “my gut says I just like it”.

Love the look with the boat logo on the Argo Helmet .

Wobbly: Ticats absolutely need a yellow helmet.

The old helmet .

I would like to see the older uniforms again .

Think how rad that Argos uniform would look with 2 slim dark blue (Oxford) stripes on each side of the pale blue on the pant leg!

That would be a good addition .

Love to see the boat back. Wish they’d bring out the entire uniform from 77 to 88.

Yeah, if they’re gonna do retro, they should be doing it properly!

Although the uniforms worn in the Labour Day Classic with the Oxford blue pants were pretty close. They just should have gone with white socks.

The numbers for both home and away for the Argos are really REALLY hard to see. Love the uni’s but some numbers we can see from the stands would be preferrable.

Old Esks Uni .

Looks like the boat logo is staying around till at least the end of September .