Best Wishes to Dr. Rise!!

Today's the day, doc! Congratulations, and I hope all goes unbelievably well at your wedding this afternoon!!

.........from the loonies and psychos on the to Dr. & Mrs. Rise......congratulations on your blissful union and our hopes and prayers to you both for a long life together........

The good Dr. is out…for awhile anyway…may all your ups and downs be between the sheets Doc…

Love- an affliction curable by marriage!!!

Just kidding Dr. Rise. Best wishes and regards!

CFL Rules
cheers to Mrs. Rise and the doctor!!

gobble gobble!

Congrats from down under!

Too bad the Riders couldn't deliver their wedding gift!

Congradualtions Dr. Rise remember life still exists after marriage

I blame you Dr.Rise. Please just get a divorce now before the playoffs start!