Best Wishes Henoc. But come back soon!

INDIANAPOLIS COLTS SIGN LB-HENOC MUAMBA Posted by coltsindianapolis on February 6, 2014 – 8:20 pm

The Indianapolis Colts today signed undrafted free agent linebacker Henoc Muamba.

Muamba, 6-0, 238 pounds, spent the past three seasons (2011-13) with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers of the Canadian Football League (CFL) after being selected with the first overall pick in the 2011 CFL Draft. For his career, the 24-year-old recorded 171 tackles, 53 special teams stops, 4.0 sacks, one interception and one fumble recovery returned for a touchdown. In 2013, Muamba was named a CFL All-Star and earned the Lew Hayman Trophy, given to the best Canadian player in the East Division. For the year, he played in all 18 games and totaled 106 tackles, 18 special teams stops, 1.0 sack and one interception. His 106 tackles ranked second overall in the CFL. Muamba was named the recipient of the 2013 Ed Kotowich ‘Good Guy’ Award, which recognizes a Blue Bomber player for their excellence in combining football ability, team camaraderie and extraordinary effort in the community.

In 2012, Muamba ranked second on the team with 65 tackles (20 solo), while recording a team-high 20 special teams stops and a career-high 3.0 sacks. He also led the league with five forced fumbles and was named the CFL’s Canadian Player of the Week twice.

Muamba played four years (2007-2010) at St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, Nova Scotia. He is the school’s all-time career leader in tackles (149.5) and ranks fourth overall on the Atlantic University Sport (AUS) conference’s all-time career list. Muamba was named the AUS Defensive Player of the Year in both 2008 and 2010 and was honored with the President’s Trophy in 2010 for the top defensive player in Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS). He was a three-time CIS All-Canadian and AUS defensive all-star, and participated in the 2010 East-West Bowl, which features the top CFL prospects each year.


…Yes ,good luck and I hope he does come back BUT if he doesn’t just another recent draft pick who will not play for the Bombers…Jade Etienne, Labatte, Mulumba, Bilikudi, (not a draft pic but chosen in the supplemental) Poblah, Aprile, DeCorcy, and the jury is out on Penser…Egads what a pathetic record…And fans wonder why we drift around in obscurity…I hope and have a good feeling that, the recent failing environment has changed around the club…Really nowhere to go but up …Robertson is coming to tc this year ,after having that bad acl injury and not even making it to the 2013 camp…Man we have to catch a break this year… :roll: :lol:

Poblah was essentially a draft pick since we gave up our own 2012 first round draft pick in order to get him in that 2011 supplemental draft. We got Pencer in the 2012 draft first round by trading for Hamilton's pick. DiCroce seemed like he might be a chronic foot injury guy in camp last year but seemed to have rebounded to have a decent CIS season. Hopefully Brescacin can develop into a good complimentary receiver. Mack did luck out on the non drafted Kohlert, who basically forced his way onto the roster by being so damned good despite the pressure to keep Etienne on the roster.

Walters made a good upgrade on the NI side swapping Aprile for Bucknor. Bucknor will be a good complimentary piece for a guy who probably wasn't even going to be here in camp. Sounds like a number of teams think they can pry our 1st rd pick this year from Walters but good on him for holding firm. Still, gotta feel for Walters, trying to boost our NI depth in a year with a draft low on top end talent. He should be able to get a future starter on the Oline with that 2nd overall pick. Would be a coup if he can find a way to get back into the 2nd round.

Looks like Henoc won't be back soon. Quite a commitment from the Colts, meaning unless he totally bombs there's a good chance he gets a PR spot:

the Colts signed Muamba to a three-year contract that includes $107,000 worth of guaranteed salary, according to reports out of Indiana.

Good on him. All the best.

You have to say that Walters is working overtime and taking a good approach to upgrading everywhere since he became the interim right through some great FA signings.
Good attitude going forward and not hanging his and the fans hats on hoping Muamba would be back.
From that article he looks like he will stick.

:thup: :thup: to Walters doing a great job IMHO

for those of us like me that would love to see Henoc back and added to the mix on this team, early projections by those that follow the Colts suggest that he stands a good chance on sticking:


Robert Mathis
Erik Walden
D'Qwell Jackson
Jerrell Freeman
Bjoern Werner
Andrew Jackson
Jonathan Newsome
Daniel Adongo
[b]Henoc Muamba[/b]
Josh McNary</blockquote>

Meanwhile, on another LB who's rights are owned by the Bombers, the Green Bay projections for LB:

Linebackers (8)
Clay Matthews
Julius Peppers
A.J. Hawk
Brad Jones
Nick Perry
Mike Neal
Jamari Lattimore
Carl Bradford

There will be some tough cuts here. Second-year pros Nate Palmer and Andy Mulumba both played last year as rookie outside linebackers. It also may be tough for highly touted undrafted rookie Adrian Hubbard to make it.

The Bengals projections suggest Christo Bilukidi though isn't likely to stick. Could be good news for us, especially with players being able to now sign one year deals, we could get him for a stretch run and he can go back and retry the NFL next year. Mind you I'd prefer he signs for a longer term but unfortunately the CBA just made it harder to retain some players for longer term.

Other projections for the seahawks, chiefs, and raiders don't project Chris Matthews, Weston Dressler, or Cory Sheets to stick based on early looks.

The bombers would stand a chance to get one or both Bilukidi and mulamba back. Bilukidi spent two seasons on NFL rosters and I beleive that puts him out of PR eligibilty. Since he was drafted and has played even if cut he may still wait out the season to see if he gets any bites. If not could join the Bombers in 2015 leaving the NFL behind.
Mulumba a rookie FA started on the PR and moved up the depth chart due to injuries so he could likely be released, clear waivers and be back on the PR to start the season.

Mulamba at 230 playing MLB in the CFL and CIS really does not have a position in the NFL. Never the less he is a great football player and do to the smaller CFL rosters he was able to shine on Coverage teams even when he was an all star starter. The Colts most likely noticed him for his coverage team exellence and should make the Colts on those Merits alone while they try to find a good fit for him on defense.

The two already NFLers will likely be back sooner than later with the NFL's 2-3 year playing life for a lot of bubble type guys. will be huge to get two top Canadians back on defensive line for the ratio. Mulamba getting the training as an OLB could finally add a top Canadian DE to the league or swing DLineman or bulk back up to his DT cfl projection

I have a feeling that Muamba will be one of those stud teams players that catch the attention of everyone so his return may not happen till after his 3rd year maybe.

I know it's only preseason game 1, but 12 tackles 10 solo for Henoc. BEAST!

Former Bomber Phil Hunt also added to the Colts Roster earlier this week.

Henoc was my favourite Bomber last season; but I'm not sure that now you really need him to come back. Granted he's an excellent MLB, but you are running a vastly different and unorthodox defence this year under the mad scientist. Etcheverry's schemes and sets are just so off the wall that I'm not so sure a conventional MLB like Henoc would necessarily fit in, whereas Ian Wild and EJ Kuale have been excelling at MLB in Etch's system.

.....I'm wondering if we'll see Hunt sooner rather than later....He had a nasty injury last year and although he seems to have recovered nicely, I think the Colts will be a little tentative about keeping him around...Guess we'll see shortly...Bilukudi sounds like he may be in tough as well...Both of these guys could be a help ,although it may take a season and a half to get to know Etchs schemes...We better get these guys in quick :lol:

After the first preseason game, updated roster projections on unsurprisingly still show Henoc making the Colts. Hunt has only been there a few days and doesn't show up on the roster projections, remains to be seen if he can play his way onto the roster. I would not complain about seeing him back here. Vega and Peach each have had their moments but seem to have long stretches where they're not noticeable. A rotation of Vega, Peach, and Hunt would look pretty good IMO but he's also at NFL weight right now and might be too heavy.

Amongst others - Bilukidi had a sack but projections show he's likely cut. Mulamba didn't record a single stat in the Packers game and projections continue to show he's not likely to make the team. I'm sure he'll sit around for a bit looking for a PR spot elsewhere though. Matthews also looking like he won't make the Seahawks and there have been some reports of him being a bit lazy in his work ethic. Shocker. Alex Hall also not likely to stick with the Panthers.

Amongst other CFLers who would be FAs coming back - Dressler and Sheets look like they're on their way out. Chris Williams will stick with the Bears most likely, and Dontrelle Inman will stick with the Chargers. Sheets is an interesting one if he finds his way back the Riders if/when he returns. I'm not sure what their cap situation looks like, so could they sign both Dressler and Sheets to deals? And who goes in Sask if/when they come back? I'm guessing if Dressler is back the Taj Smith then the Riders will be done for good with Taj Smith. And with Sheets, who goes at RB? Would Walters and O'Shea try nab Sheets?

Biggest disappointment -- Wide receiver Chris Matthews. Everyone had high hopes Matthews could come in and be the big-body receiver the Seahawks needed, but Matthews just hasn't done anything to stand out, other than being big at 6-5, 220. He was the CFL Rookie of the Year in 2012, but doesn't look worthy of a roster spot for the Seahawks.


.....Talk is Mulumba 'may' be on his way to the Bombers....BIG acquisition if true...I know he said when we drafted him that he'd luv to play for the BigBlue and he does have a rapport with Walters...Some say he 'may' have pr eligibility left , others are not so sure....Hate to see the guys nfl dream come to an end BUT I think he could do very well in the Peg...Our defence would get a big lift with him in the line-up along side ...say... Bilukudi ...dare to dream...dare to dream...As far as Matthews goes...meh...never liked his work ethic when he was up here and apparently it hasn't changed much...LAAAAAZY. :roll:

...Just an aside...where has blueblood gone...Haven't seen any of her posts lately????? :roll:

Haven't seen Kubie in ages either.

Who was that feisty Bomber fan from the past couple years?

Took a break from the place, papa. I'm not sure how much I'll be posting here but I did lurk occasionally.

Did anyone watch the Seahawks game tonight? I see in the box score that Matthews had 1 catch for 10 yards. Anyone know how he played?

New rumour has it that the Bombers have signed Chad Anderson who played RT in college but was recently at the Colts TC as a guard. Gbill at MBB posted this tweet from Zach Anderson: "@ZachAnderson44: Huge announcement for you #bomber fans coming soon! Just got to wait on the Offical word." and with Chad having been released, we're making assumption. Chad is Zach's brother btw.

Well I sure did miss your insightful posts. Hope to hear more from you.

....nice to see ya back....Sometimes I think papa should take a break but it seems I just cant stay away...I think I may be a postaholic :lol: ...Seems Zachs brother has signed and is on his way...Could be a nice addition to the o line and lord knows we need some help there. :roll:

O line help is good but the Bombers REALLY need to get some heft in the run stop game. Etch loves the light speed game but since he's been away the run game has really stepped up in prominence.

Matthews I believe also took a special teams penalty, offsides IIRC. Other than that, was hardly noticeable. From what I've read he stood out in the offseason OTAs but hasn't really stood out from the other receivers fighting for backup jobs since main camp opened up.

I see that on the new Packers roster projections have Andy Mulumba making the team now in place of 4th round pick Carl Bradford who hasn't played well. They do question whether the Packers would be ready to cut a 4th rd pick though. Bilukidi still not expected to make the Bengals roster by their projections.