Best Westerns

½ hour series

Wanted Dead of Alive
Law of the Plainsman
Guns of Will Sonnet

1 hour plus series

Kung Fu
Big Valley

Eastwood movies

The Outlaw Jose Wales
The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
Hang em High

John Wayne movies

Rio Bravo
True Grit
The Searchers

Movies not set in NA

Quigley Down Under
Man From Snowy River

Best of the rest

Once Upon a Time in the West
The Magnificent Seven
Chato’s Land

I can’t even think of an hour show that was better than the 1/2 shows. I never liked any of the hour shows you mention.

Have gun will travel.

Almost any John Wayne western but you forgot STAGECOACH and RED RIVER.
One of my favs. THE MAN WHO SHOT LIBERTY VALANCE. When The Duke kicks Strother Martin in the face, it’s priceless.

Paul Newman-Hombre and Judge Roy Bean. The original is great too.

Robert Redford- Jeremiah Johnson

And of course BUTCH CASSIDY and the SUNDANCE KID.

HOW The WEST Was WON is an epic along with HIGH NOON.

Honourable mention to Dances With Wolves

There’s a great Best Western Hotel in Key West FL. that has an awesome outdoor pool and sooo close to great fishing…

;Dyes I know I read the above it’s just what came to mind when I saw Best Westerns

lol. So did this travel guy dawg.

Treasure of the Sierra Madre -classic

I don’t need no stinkin badges.

Was gonna say “I prefer Holiday Inns” for the same reason. :slight_smile:

But Tombstone and True Grit are a couple of my favourite westerns.

I don’t remember any western series very well . . . unless Westworld counts, which I really enjoy.

…the campfire scene from Blazing Saddles…

Most of them are comfortable and they’ve recently added a “Plus” brand to their offerings, but I swear they don’t offer much in addition to the regular ones.

Always appreciate the in room coffee pot.

I knew what I was doing when I chose the title :slight_smile:

Love Westworld but it went kinda freaky the last episode . Went full sci fi tech .

Even though I always answer ‘Best Western’ when asked if I like to go camping and I do frequent the chain regularly, I did not think of hotels when I read your title. I immediately thought of John Wayne. Funny how that is.

Are you trying to stir the pot, FYB ? ;D

I like my western toasted . They are the best .

And I’ll watch Gunsmoke Hank chowing down on that beastie!

nahh, I just though it was cute and witty.

Wondered who all would go the other way with it :slight_smile:

I like my western tanned. They are the best !